Management and Corporate Structure

The leadership of USU Software AG

USU Management Board

As the directors of USU Software AG, Bernhard Oberschmidt and Dr. Benjamin Strehl develop and govern the corporate strategy.

Bernhard Oberschmidt

Bernhard Oberschmidt

Chief Executive Officer

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Strehl

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Strehl

Member of the Management Board

USU Supervisory Board

USU founder Udo Strehl serves as Chairman of the Supervisory Board, which monitors and advises the Management Board.

The responsibilities of the Supervisory Board include appointing members of the Management Board, monitoring and advising the Management Board, approving annual accounts and consenting to important corporate plans and decisions.

Udo Strehl

Udo Strehl

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Gabriele Walker-Rudolf

Gabriele Walker-Rudolf

Member of the Supervisory Board

Erwin Staudt

Erwin Staudt

Member of the Supervisory Board

USU Advisory Board

USU thrives on its ability develop innovations and successfully market them based on early recognition of market trends, technological developments, and customer needs. Advisory Board members are top managers who support the company by providing advice and expertise based on various perspectives from the market, computer science, and general management experience.

Andreas Dümmler

IS Manager, Arburg GmbH & Co. KG

Joachim Langmack

Management Consultant

Stefan Leser

Board of Directors, Hotelplan Group

Uwe Neumeier

Managing Director, LANCOM Systems GmbH

Heike Niederau-Buck

Chief Information Officer, Voith Digital Solutions GmbH

Dr. Hans-Joachim Popp

Principal, BwConsulting

Dr. Dieter Pütz

Business Lead Connected Services, Atruvia AG

Werner Schmidt

Management Consultant

Ralf Stankat

General Representative, Basler Insurance

Daniel Thomas

Member of the Management Board HUK-Coburg

Marcus Loskant

Member of the Management Board IT of LVM-Versicherung

Michael Krebbers

Member of the Management Board Stuttgarter Versicherungsgruppe

USU corporate structure