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The Insights you Need to Better Serve Customers

Know your service, inside and out with detailed analytics and reports on engagement metrics, search patterns and insights to improve agent and content performance. Built-in reports deliver actionable insights for knowledge managers to identify content gaps, inquiry trends and search performance. Better plan your staffing requirements, training needs and uncover new opportunities for improvement.

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Limitless Opportunities to Optimize Planning, Content and Costs

USU Knowledge Management analytics tool helps you to reduce operating costs and improve performance in a variety of ways such as:

Understand how effective your knowledge base is

Identify peak inquiry times

Discover bottlenecks in your processes

Gain insight into least and most used search terms

Find searches with no results and identify content gaps

Gamify employee content contributions and feedback

Analyzing your Operations is as Easy as Pie Charts

If you’re serious about optimizing customer experience, then it is critical to not let valuable data go to waste. Make data your friend.

  • Define and create custom reports using the analytics wizard
  • Slice and dice your data like an Iron Chef
  • Create custom dashboards or export data to your BI tool

Use Built-in Reports or Customize Your Own

  • Searches with no results
  • Average time in status for editorial workflows
  • Most used documents
  • Search report
  • Document health report
  • Average document age
  • Feedback report
  • Unused documents
  • Documents used versus confirmed correct
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