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Manage business and IT services over their entire lifecycle
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Increase value creation by focusing on service

Rely on our IT Service Portfolio & Service Design to manage business and IT services throughout their entire lifecycle — from planning and specification to operation and decommissioning. Describe the scope of services your IT service organization offers and establish the basis for ensuring you design your products and services to meet customer needs and create value. Differentiate your range of services according to different customer and market segments and set up different pricing models for each service product.
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Configurable service models

Establish the basic parameters for defining IT and business services with this service model.

Service categories such as
  • PC workstation services
  • Mail and collaboration services
  • Print services
  • Mobility services
Service parameters such as
  • Availability
  • Support times
Service level options such as
  • bronze
  • silver,
  • gold
Configuration of business services from IT service components such as
  • Application
  • Servers
  • Database

Choose the service model that works best for you or select a proven out-of-the-box standard model that we’ve jointly developed with the independent ITIL® and management consulting firm SERVIEW.


Flexible service design

Specify both technical service components and business services depending on the model you select. Configure new business services from the toolkit with predefined service components or even complete service trees in a graphical user interface — simply drag and drop. You can also configure services from external service providers such as cloud services from Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure or even external support services as service modules and integrate them into business services.

Just click a few times to create new service offerings and discuss them with potential customers. Once approved, the service automatically migrates to the customer-specific service catalog and can be accessed there.

Also use the service structures defined in the service design as a distribution network for calculating service costs in IT Financial Management.

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Supplier management

Our supplier management solution supports you when you use external service providers to reduce internal vertical integration in your IT and helps you to answer these key questions:

  • Operationally: From which suppliers can current requirements be best procured?
  • Strategically: How can procurement be optimized in terms of risk and efficiency?

Group suppliers on the basis of their performance and then classify them in terms of their strategic significance to your company. Store details for each supplier like address, bank, and billing information; certifications; voluntary disclosures; and contract documents. View a list of all orders and contracts for a supplier as well.

In addition, define evaluation criteria, intervals, and processes to regularly assess suppliers. Those who oversee suppliers at your company automatically receive information about pending tasks.

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Customer relationship management (CRM)

IT service providers that often offer their customers individual services receive support with an end-to-end process ranging from bid creation to contract management and billing. The implementation phase is shortened because all relevant information on required resources, skills, working time, and material is already contained in the bid. All contract data such as terms and service level agreements are available to customer support.

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You benefit by

Aligning IT operations with your customers’ service needs

Accelerating the delivery of customer-specific services through a high level of standardization

Reacting flexibly to changing customer needs with rapid adaption of existing services and individual options

Achieving in-depth visibility through the graphic depiction of service structures and dependencies between services and service components

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