Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation

Efficiently digitize and automate business processes. Based on low-code applications or individual Java development.

Digitize and automate your unique business processes

Drive digital transformation across your entire organization. With the help of our services, you can analyze, optimize, digitalize and automate your business processes end-to-end. We develop software solutions for workflow-based business processes (case management) as well as for the automation of data-based back-end processes. Realize time benefits through reusable components and a conscious design-for-change.

Our service modules are:

  • Determination of location and development of the target image
  • Development of the digital roadmap
  • Analysis of the existing process and system landscape
  • Customized implementation of digitalization projects
  • Operation and support of the application

Benefit from

40 % higher process efficiency

< 12 months amortization of investment

60 % higher process quality

Low-Code Development

Develop business applications faster

Be adaptable and respond quickly to new business requirements. This will allow you to lighten the workload of your IT department and also directly deploy your personnel from the specialist departments as Citizen Developers.

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Java Software Development

Use customized applications

We advise you on your digitalization project and develop your customized application based on Java technology to digitalize your individual processes.

Data Migration & Integration

Create a reliable database

High-quality data is essential for insightful analysis. We help you harmonize, integrate and understand your data. This significantly increases the quality of your data-based decisions.

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Beratung aus einer Hand

Process-oriented customer consulting software

For Wüstenrot & Württembergische, USU is creating a platform for all consulting modules of the W&W field service partners. This creates a holistic preventive care offering.

Tree Baum Full quality

E-government solution for Bavarian State Office for the Environment

The Bavarian State Office for the Environment (LfU) relies on USU’s many years of expertise in the public sector to develop, maintain and service its central service portal for monitoring wastewater plants.


Process digitalization at the Federal Office of Justice

Changes in the law, technical changes and European integration place high demands on the register applications of the Federal Office of Justice. In this dynamic environment, USU ensures the development and regular expansion of process software.

Our customers in the field of Digital Process Automation (DPA)

For over 45 years, we have been advising companies on digitalization and business process automation with a holistic approach. We develop and operate customized software solutions. Discover our cross-industry references and case studies.

Advantages of Digital Process Automation

USU solutions from the Digital Process Automation area increase the rate of adaptation in your organization. You get a future-proof technology that can also be adapted to your future requirements. Take advantage of the numerous long term benefits of digital process automation (DPA).

Agility and adaptability

Equip your IT and business departments with the right solutions. They will adapt much faster to market changes.

End-to-end digitalization

Seamlessly connect your front-end with your existing back-end systems. This will speed up the process and avoid media interruptions. For a seamless customer journey.

Harness real-time intelligence

Empower your users with artificial intelligence (AI) through predictive analytics and machine learning.

Reusable modules

Use a broadly applicable platform for digital processes from different areas. In doing so, you can reuse previously established process structures and interfaces.

Data-based decisions

Consolidate your data into a Single Source of Truth (SSOT). This enables you to make business decisions based on data and rules.

Introduce Citizen Development

Improve collaboration between your business department and IT and reduce the shortage of qualified developers.

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