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Centralize Your Knowledge. Empower your Customer Service with our GenAI Powered Holistic Knowlege Management Platform

Is your customer service good? - Make it excellent!

Our holistic knowledge management platform centralizes your knowledge from any silo making for outstanding agent and customer experiences. You get the knowledge you need exactly when you need it, in the right format, and through your preferred channel.

Thanks to seamlessly integrated AI, our tool provides precise and reliable answers to every question. Optimize your service processes and offer your customers excellent support.


Your KM Benefits at a Glance

40 % Higher First Call Resolution Rate

50 % Reduced Call Handling Time

80 % Faster Onboarding Time

Harald Huber

Without a structured knowledge database, AI cannot realize its potential and can deliver inaccurate results. The knowledge database is the foundation on which successful AI applications in customer service are built.

Harald Huber, Managing Director at USU

Ready to Meet Your New Coworker? Meet KAI - Your Virtual AI Assistant!

KAI significantly reduces your editorial workload by automatically checking, creating and translating documents. At the same time, advanced language processing improves communication and ensures smooth collaboration. KAI also automates service processes through autonomous process launches, saving editors and service agents valuable time and increasing customer satisfaction.

Experience a new dimension of efficiency and excellent customer service with KAI.


Our Solutions

Knowledge Center

Use the Knowledge Center as a single source of truth for your service knowledge. Store all knowledge centrally and continuously improve the quality through AI, workflows and feedback. Ensure up-to-date knowledge at the touch of a button.


Increase the efficiency of your customer service with our chatbots. Offer your customers 24/7 accessible communication channels and outstanding customer experience.

Knowledge Self-Service

Whether via chatbot, in the help center or as a widget - with USU's self-service solutions, your customers receive the right information for their inquiries around the clock.

Knowledge Analytics

Get detailed reports that provide key metrics on interactions and search patterns to improve the performance of your agents and the quality of your content.

Why USU Knowledge Management?

We lead to knowledge, not just to search

Knowledge is provided exactly where it is needed in the process in a needs-based and semi-automated manner. Manual searching is no longer necessary, which saves time and increases efficiency.

We manage knowledge, not just documents

Knowledge is organized in manageable, reusable blocks. This facilitates access, increases clarity and saves costs.

We Deliver Quality Outcomes, not just Information

We guarantee first-class knowledge management through quality assurance and targeted provision. User-friendly processes ensure auditability and collaboration.

We Offer a Multi-Bot Architecture, not just a Chatbot

Our Chatbot Universe enables a wide range of application scenarios and the use of generative AI and LLMs such as ChatGPT. This offers flexibility and innovative power in customer interaction.

We are the Foundation, not just a Tool

Our solution offers basic data and customized analyses. With 30 years of experience, we improve service across all industries through optimized knowledge management.

We Shape Work, not just Knowledge

With USU KM, you manage your knowledge in a single source of truth. You have the quality of the information, the connected channels and the access rights under control with just one click.

Our Success is Built on Yours

At USU, we believe the real measure of our success is reflected in the achievements of our customers. It's you who drive us to be better, innovate further, and continually enhance our solutions like IT Asset Management and Knowledge Management. Every glowing review and each success story shared is not just feedback—it's a cornerstone of our journey together. Because when you succeed, we do too. Read real reviews from real customers and see how our partnership can transform your business. Together, we'll achieve great things!

Gartner® Market Guide 2024

The report shows how modern technologies, in particular generative AI, can significantly increase efficiency and quality in customer service. Gain valuable market insights and find the ideal provider for your needs.

Find out whether our solution is right for you.

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Integration into your existing CRM or collaboration system:
Seamless. Simple. Cross-platform.

Easily integrate USU Knowledge Management into your existing CRM or collaboration platform. Our solution brings knowledge exactly where it is needed, with numerous interfaces for third-party software.

Find out how USU Knowledge Management can easily integrate into your tools today!

Trust the experience of our customers

Frau mit Smartphone am Auto
Volkswagen Logo White BG

Top-level Roadside Assistance

Volkswagen provides the highest level of roadside assistance thanks to the integration of USU Knowledge Management in Salesforce CRM.

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Nespresso USU
Nespresso USU

Nespresso's Road to Service Excellence

By introducing USU Knowledge Management and the chatbot, Nespresso has significantly increased customer satisfaction and halved the training time in customer service.

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Mann auf Dachterrasse

"Increase in Case Closure Rate to 87% with 8.4 Million Cases Per Year"

Sonja Lünnemann, Knowledge Management Officer at the R+V Service Center

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One component of USU Knowledge Management is the Knowledge Community. In our online Knowledge Hub forum you can exchange information with other users on the implementation or application of USU Knowledge Management. In the community you will find...

  • The Info Center – with best practices, use cases, release notes, FAQs and technical documentation
  • The Help Community – for worldwide networking of users from other companies
  • The Market Place – with integration modules and services from the partner network
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