IT Service Alerting

Reduce outages and downtimes with professional IT alarm management
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Protect systems and processes

Integrated alerting enables operational teams, service owners, and management to respond quickly, no matter where they are. Alarm Management ensures your respond to incidents quickly, reliably, and effectively before it impacts important systems and processes. This significantly reduces the time you need to troubleshoot.


Variety of alerting media

IT Service Alerting - Alarm App - Alerting Media
  • Voice over IP
  • SMS
  • Email
  • Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams
  • Smartphone push
  • USU Alert app
  • And more

On-call planning

IT Service Alerting - Alarm App - Planning

An on-call schedule can be stored in the USU system. The assignment of on-call members is always flexible and customizable.

IT Service Alerting app

IT Service Alerting - Alarm App - Overview
  • Push notification
  • Alert overview
  • Availabilities
  • On-call shifts
  • Calendar

Selected features

Variety of alerting media and alert app with push notifications

Alerting secured through escalation levels within an on-call shift

Prioritized alerts

Alert overview including root cause analysis

On-call planning

Multiclient dashboards

Efficient alarming with AI

Your IT usage is dynamic fixed, so why shouldn’t your IT monitoring system be dynamic? Our AI-enabled assistant uses self-learning algorithms to continually calculate and adjust thresholds based on your historic data. This approach improves alarming quality and early anomaly detection, so you can focus on your core tasks.

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