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Reduce your IT tickets by up to 20 %

Deliver rapid, reliable and on-demand IT support. With a suite of IT Self-Service tools, you can accelerate service processes, increase user satisfaction and accomplish more with the same staff level. A comprehensive and omnichannel set of self-service opportunities supports your employees quickly and directly to solve their issues and keep your business performing. Create robust services and combine IT Self-Service with USU IT Service Management and other ITSM or help desk tools.


Your Benefits

20 % fewer tickets

30 % greater automation

90 % increase in ticket processing speed

Successful IT service desk and self-service at Baloise

At Baloise, everything revolves around the future - and has done for over 160 years. Today, the financial services provider operates throughout Europe and stands for modern financial solutions and innovative services. The offer of a holistic experience, as Baloise offers with USU's IT service desk and self-service, is only possible if the IT processes are set up optimally.
Read all about the project at Baloise in our success story.

Read the Success Story
Baloise Office

Selected Features

Ordering and Fulfilling IT Services

  • Display available services in your service shop
  • Order IT services
  • Track order/ticket status

Reporting and Resolving IT Incidents

  • Automatically displays known disruptions
  • Proactively alerts users about disruptions
  • Send tickets to the service desk with one click


  • Automatically displays known workarounds from the knowledge base
  • Navigates users to the solution using active documents and decision trees
  • Automatically collects client data to diagnose problems

Answers to General Questions

  • Searches for operating manuals, printer locations and the like
  • Automatically searches your knowledge base to ensure no request returns empty results


  • Automatically responds to common inquiries
  • Transfers chat history to a ticket

Tap into virtually unlimited integration options

Self-service systems augment a broad range of software solutions. Simply integrate USU’s solution into your existing systems through a service connector — such as a knowledge base , incident-management or service-request portal — to give your users a single interface to access to a heterogeneous IT landscape.

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