IT Asset Inventory

Get full transparency of what you use. Both software and hardware, on-prem and in the cloud
USU IT Asset Inventory

Keep track of your IT assets

Our IT Asset Inventory tool offers comprehensive tracking and management of all your IT assets.

Centralize critical asset details in one database, from business and technical specifics to lifecycle statuses. Enhance asset data with undiscoverable insights from our managed technology catalog. Ensure compliance, reduce risks, and organize assets in portfolios for optimal governance.

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Your Benefits

Know what you use, on-prem and in the cloud

Increase governance & assure compliance

Enrich your CMDB & enhance asset efficiency

Asset Database

Experience a unified view of all your assets, consolidated in one place. Access all the critical information required for effective control, management, and strategic decision support.

  • Business information, such as article type, procurement, and support information
  • Technical information, such as asset type, inventory numbers and associated tickets
  • Organizational information, such as ownership, user, and location
  • Lifecycle status, ranging from planning to disposal
  • Change log, showing an auditable history of changes
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Asset Data Collection

Feed your database with up-to-date information about your IT hardware, software and software licenses, and enable effective IT asset management. Integrate external databases, repositories, and other various sources, such as SCCM, Active Directory, vCenter, or ServiceNow Discovery.

  • Automated Discovery: Scan your network to discover all devices and installed products
  • Agents or Remote: Stay flexible by using both technologies for optimal coverage
  • Gather Cloud Data: Benefit from system connectors for your most important cloud platforms, SaaS apps, and infrastructure services
  • Import ITAM Data: Integrate multiple data, such as information about procurement, contracts, human resources, or financial transactions.
  • Process-controlled: through purchasing and incoming goods procedures

Asset Data Collection

Asset Normalization

Automatically standardize and consolidate the data across your asset database to ensure consistency, accuracy, and usability.

  • Clean Data: remove duplicates and correct errors
  • Standardize Formats: ensure consistent format, standardize naming conventions
  • Consolidate Information: merge data from various sources into the single, coherent asset database
  • Categorize Assets: group assets based on categories such as type, function, and department
Asset Normalization

Asset Inventory Enrichment

Enrich your asset inventory data with information that exceeds standard technology catalog information.

  • End-of-support: know when your assets reach the vendor’s end-of-support date
  • End-of-life: know when your asset reaches the vendor’s end-of-life date
  • Vulnerability scoring (CVS): know the IT security risks associated with your assets
Asset Inventory Enrichment

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Manage the entire lifespan of your IT assets to optimize performance and reduce costs.

  • Planning & Procurement: monitor stock levels, plan demands, trigger purchasing processes
  • Deployment: install and configure assets, assign users
  • Operation: perform troubleshooting and change processes
  • Decommissioning & Disposal: securely decommission and dispose assets
IT Asset Lifecycle Management

IT Asset Portfolio Management

Manage your IT assets as strategic resources to support business objectives, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure financial prudence.

  • Standardization: Reduce diversity of IT asset types to facilitate operation and maintenance
  • Strategic Planning: Aligning IT asset utilization with the organization's strategic goals
  • Risk Management: Identify, assess, and mitigate risks associated with IT assets
  • Governance and Compliance: Ensuring assets comply with legal, regulatory, and policy requirements
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