Quality Engineering

Achieve optimal quality in your software projects.

From Planning to Implementation: Quality for Your Software

Faulty software can lead to significant financial losses and unhappy customers or employees. We offer essential software testing services to ensure your software projects meet the highest quality standards.

1. Professional Test Management

Our ISTQB®-certified experts bring extensive, proven knowledge to every project.

  • Effective Test Management: We manage both agile and classic environments.
  • Team Leadership: We lead test teams or independent sub-projects, clearly defining roles and responsibilities.
  • Comprehensive Planning: We handle planning, control, and coordination of the entire test process.
  • Supportive Monitoring: We support project management with transparent and meaningful monitoring and reporting.

2. Test Analysis

During test analysis, our experts create structured, risk-based test cases to ensure every system element functions correctly. This careful approach guarantees effective test coverage and high software quality.

Quality Engineering Services with USU

3. Test Automation

Test automation is a crucial part of modern software development. Agile development models, in particular, are almost impossible to implement without it.

Your Top Benefits:

  • Faster test execution
  • Consistent results
  • Larger test scope
Quality Engineering Services with USU
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