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The knowledge platform that adapts to your requirements. Not the other way around.

Optimize your service with our central, future-proof knowledge platform

Our platform, designed for the service sector, centralizes knowledge, processes, and information into a single source of truth.

With our knowledge database software, you create a service center that delivers outstanding service to your customers, stays future-proof, and gives you a clear competitive edge.

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That's why we are the best solution

Intuitive and fast access to knowledge for everyone

  • Virtual AI Assistant (KAI)
  • Single-source-of-truth
  • Multichannel playout
  • Use-case based interfaces
  • Role-based access

Support of diverse knowledge formats

  • Atomized knowledge
  • Different content types (tooltips, conditional documents, news, etc.) and templates
  • Integration of various media (videos, images, etc.)
  • Guided dialogs
  • Graphical decision trees
  • E-learning: training and tests

Easy knowledge editing

  • Configurable, AI-supported workflows
  • Versioning and historization
  • Comment and feedback function
  • Multilingualism
  • Market or topic-specific variants
  • Readability scoring
  • Link checker
  • Evaluations

System integration

  • Use in process systems (CRM or ticket systems)
  • Integration via Web API
  • Document export
  • Connection to digital voice assistants

Available as

  • SaaS
  • On Premise
  • Hosting

Let us introduce our virtual AI assistant! This is KAI

KAI, our virtual AI assistant, unlocks new possibilities for your knowledge database. KAI generates quality-assured information for service agents and end customers in self-service. It analyzes and structures your knowledge database content, optimizing it for artificial intelligence use.

We offer the perfect solution for using AI while retaining control over the answers and results.

KAI provides support in these areas

Editors & Agents

  • Answering user queries
  • Revising/rewriting documents
  • Translations
  • Execution of services

Quality Manager

  • Identification of quality problems
  • Management of QA tasks


  • Integration of external data sources
  • External AI-based search functions
  • Quality optimization of external RAG concepts


  • Support with problem solving
  • Management of workflows
  • Management of authorizations
  • Creation of reports

Talent developer

  • Creation of tests
  • Preparation of coaching sessions
  • Implementation of tests

Key Features

Knowledge on Demand: Customize Your Interface

Get frequently required information and the latest news at your fingertips without long searches. Knowledge Center offers flexible access to knowledge with customizable user interfaces. Use drag-and-drop to design your interface according to your needs.

Combine search windows, results displays, filters, navigation trees, news, and pinned documents as you like. Special configurations make it easy to serve different user groups optimally. With Knowledge Center, you always have the knowledge you need at your fingertips—quickly and easily.

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Find Instead of Search: AI-Supported Search Functions

Our knowledge database revolutionizes customer service with AI-supported search functions. Quickly and accurately find the right texts with just one term, especially for frequently researched topics.

In the busy daily life of a service center, complete questions are often rare. Our intelligent search shines by delivering the right document even for incomplete queries. For more complex queries, KAI is the perfect complement, providing precise answers beyond just finding information.


Active Documents & Guided Dialogs: Clear Answers to Complex Questions

Our guided dialogs lead your customers through targeted queries to find answers or solutions to their problems. Users receive answers to complex questions quickly. Whether it's exchanging a product or diagnosing technical issues, these intelligent dialogs guide users step-by-step to the solution, easing the burden on your agents. This saves time and improves customer service.


Multi-Channel Use: Integration Made Easy

Easily connect USU Knowledge Management with platforms like Salesforce and IT Service Management. Enhance your company and customer portals with chatbots and virtual assistants. Manage multiple topic-specific and external bots (e.g., LLMs like ChatGPT) efficiently with our expandable multi-bot architecture.


Configurable Workflows: Efficient Management and Collaboration

Our platform offers configurable workflows and user-specific roles and rights, perfect for creating, updating, incorporating feedback, and translating knowledge articles. Assign, create, read, and write permissions for each step of the workflow, and automatically guide responsible persons through the processes. Co-authors receive temporary writing rights to collaborate on articles. Multiple people can release articles in parallel, ideal for market- or topic-specific adaptations. This always keeps your knowledge management efficient and flexible.


More solutions

Your Challenge. Our Solution.

With USU Knowledge Management, we provide a robust foundation that can be flexibly adapted to individual needs. With over 30 years of experience, we've implemented numerous customized product enhancements, such as:

  • Integration into external measurement methods for dialog automation
  • Expansion with structured data for metadata search
  • Integration into email, websites, chat systems, and chatbots
  • Special versioning procedures
  • Automated translations
  • Migration procedures for existing content
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