IT Change & Configuration Management (CMDB) Comprehensive overview of your IT infrastructure

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Transparent infrastructure

Depend on our Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and ITIL®-compliant change-management processes for secure, uninterrupted IT operations. They ensure you efficiently carry out all adaptations to your IT infrastructure in a controlled manner with minimal impact to ongoing business operations and IT services.

Our solution lets you:

  • Visually depict all IT components (configuration items — that is, CIs) needed for IT services or applications and their relationships and dependencies
  • Map physical, virtual, and cloud components from asset management and design services
  • Maintain and adjust CMDB data and structures either manually using drag and drop or through automated provisioning processes
  • Create audit-compliant documentation for all changes using the change process
  • Automatically compare with physical inventory data to identify unapproved changes or changes made incorrectly
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Zero in on dependencies and risks

Our ITIL®-compliant configuration management database (CMDB) forms an important foundation for low-risk, secure IT operation and:

  • Graphically displays CI dependencies — including the customer, the service, and the infrastructure components
  • Displays error statuses from monitoring
  • Determines the effects and risks of changes (impact analyses)
  • Identifies the causes of incidents (root cause analyses)
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Pinpoint deviations between target and actual inventories

Achieve high-quality data through separation between the target and actual inventories and automates:

  • Maintenance of the target inventories by applying ITIL® processes
  • Import of the actual inventory using existing inventory or discovery tools and/or our integrated Discovery & Inventory Management solution
  • Reconciliation of overlapping scanner data to identify duplicates
  • Target-actual reconciliation so you can identify changes that haven’t been approved or carried out yet
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Spotlight Artificial Intelligence

What opportunities does Artificial Intelligence offer IT management to free up resources for value-adding activities? We identified six fields of action and compiled them for you.

Merge configuration data from different sources

Integrate easily external data sources for a federated CMDB:

  • Any data sources you want are linked and integrated through interfaces
  • Configuration data remains in the source systems and is not duplicated
  • A cross-system, uniform data model is unnecessary
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Reduce risk to infrastructure changes

Our ITIL®-compatible change-management processes reduce the risks involved in changes you make to your IT infrastructure and:

  • Offer standardized processes for requesting, planning, approving, and implementing changes
  • Flexibly adapt processes for standard, normal, and emergency changes
  • Initiate change processes from the troubleshooting process (request for change — that is, RfC) or by using the service catalog (service request)
  • Automate calculation of change risk and detect competing changes (change collision detection)
  • Automate frequent changes such as updates and security patches using the Cloud & Data Center Management solution
  • Automate documentation of all changes in the CMDB
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Securely rollout software releases

Securely integrate your new software releases into your productive environment with release management, which helps you to:

  • Plan releases and all task packages for the rollout (release packages and release units)
  • Plan, obtain approval, and execute release deployments through change processes
  • Seamlessly document all release versions as well as related changes in the CMDB
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