Economic and ethical issues are inseparable at USU. We can only achieve long-term success as a company if we achieve a balance between economic success, environmental responsibility, and social involvement. Three areas particularly dear to USU are employees, social responsibility, and customer focus. USU attaches great importance to value-based company management and has worked by the guidelines of the German Sustainability Code since 2018.

Anyone who develops and sells software works with people for people. Our success is based on the minds of our employees, their knowledge, their professionalism – and their character. Emotional skills are just as important as professional qualifications. Employee satisfaction and our positive corporate culture are reflected in the employer assessment platform Kununu for example.

We are particularly engaged in our local community, supporting charitable, non-profit, and cultural institutions, organizations, and projects. In addition to donations and sponsorships, we also contribute material resources and expertise. For example, the primary school in neighboring Asperg benefits from our regular exchange of economic and marketing knowledge and training we offer.

Innovation is the key to future viability when faced with the challenges of the digital transformation. Among other things, it shapes our working relationship with customers, partners, and universities, leads to the development of new products and services and helps us implement new business models. USU systematically researches new technologies, incorporates regular customer feedback into our products and roadmap and develops new innovative solutions to continually improve and expand our offering.


Climate protection certificate

Another important building block of USU's sustainability goals is climate neutrality, which we will achieve by 2024, or earlier. In 2020, USU had a balanced carbon footprint for its electricity and fuel consumption in Europe. Together with partner First Climate, the relevant emissions across our office locations were measured, analyzed and calculated. USU offset its unavoidable emissions by purchasing climate protection certificates.