Company mission statement

Corporate values

These 6 values were developed with our colleagues and serve as a guide for our daily actions. They are the basis for dealing with each other, our external stakeholders, and customers. And they guide us towards succeeding in our mission and realizing our vision.


  • Continuously rethink and question the status quo
  • Be willing to learn to take the next step
  • Be open to new ideas, topics, and perspectives
  • Take an interest in people and their needs
  • Use feedback as an opportunity for personal development


  • Embody the unique USU spirit
  • Act as a team, across all divisions
  • Work with each other, not against each other
  • Promote the diversity of colleagues
  • Discuss critically, but always constructively


  • Perform tasks independently, and reliably
  • Take initiative and drive new topics or projects
  • Empower teams and colleagues with clear targets, support, and feedback
  • Make decisions as a team, if possible


  • Act as a role model
  • Make decisions and implement them sustainably and comprehensibly
  • Comply with group-wide standards
  • Set standards and avoid making exceptions to them
  • Align individual actions with the corporate strategy in a targeted manner


  • Develop strategy and portfolio with a holistic, long-term perspective
  • Strive for a balance between economic success, ecological responsibility, and social action
  • Maintain good, long-lasting relationships with all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, partners, shareholders, and employees)
  • Reduce the ecological footprint (CO2 emissions, energy consumption)


  • We love what we do and fight to make our vision a reality
  • Go the "extra mile" when necessary
  • Mobilize all ¬resources to achieve project success and earn customer confidence
  • Show initiative and actively contribute ideas
  • Engage as a co-entrepreneur, not a co-worker