Financial Calendar

Reporting dates for USU Software AG's financial results 2024

March 28Publication of Financial Figures 2023
April 24MKK - Munich capital market conference, Munich, Germany
May 23Publication of 3-months' Figures 2024
July 02Annual General Meeting
August 29Publication of 6-months' Figures 2024
September 02-03Equity Forum - German Fall Conference,
September 06-07IR Tour - Rüttnauer Research, Regensburg, Germany
November 21Publication of 9-months' Figures 2024
November 25-27German Equity Forum, Frankfurt, Germany

Analyst conferences

GBC investor´s conference

Event: MKK - Munich Capital Market conference
Location: Munich, Germany
Date: April 24, 2024

German Fall Conference

Event: Equity Forum German Fall Conference
Location: Frankfurt (Germany)
Date: September 02 - 03, 2024

IR-Tour Rüttnauer Research, Rüttnauer Research

Event: IR-Tour Rüttnauer Research
Location: Regensburg (Germany)
Date: September 06 - 07, 2024

German Equity Forum

Event: German Equity Forum 2024
Location: Frankfurt (Germany)
Date: November 25 - 27, 2024