Customer Service Software

Digitalizing and automating your customer service processes. Increase your team’s productivity and offer your customers first-class service.

Customer satisfaction through digitized customer service

A perfect experience and proactive service at the right time - that’s what customers expect. To unburden your service staff and keep your customers happy, there is a solution: digitalize and automate processes. By doing this, your employees can help as many customers as possible.

Digitalization saves time. Time that your staff can devote to customers.

The key to satisfied customers? Satisfied service staff

The key to happy customers?
Happy service staff

Provide your service staff with the right training, processes and tools. This will guarantee first-class service for your customers. This not only increases customer satisfaction, but also the motivation and satisfaction of your team.

Benefits of customer service software

In today’s fast-paced and increasingly digitalized world, one thing remains the same: satisfied staff and customers are the cornerstones of any successful business. We make sure that you benefit from all the advantages that a customer service tool can offer you.

Reduced service costs

Lower costs due to fast and accurate handling of support requests

Increased customer satisfaction

A better customer experience thanks to personalized and effective customer support

Less susceptibility to errors

A better customer experience thanks to significantly reduced susceptibility to errors

Better personalization

Strengthening customer loyalty through personalized experiences.

Increased employee satisfaction

Improved efficiency and effectiveness of their workflows.

Smooth customer journey

Consistent and seamless interactions across multiple channels

What do you need for scalable customer service?

Scalable customer service requires a variety of tools and features to efficiently address your customers’ needs and to support the growth of your business.

  • Help Desk Software: A classic agent desktop allows customer service representatives to manage customer data efficiently and ensure seamless communication between service agents and customers.
  • CRM Platform: Customer information and interactions are seamlessly integrated to provide a unified overview of customer relationships and histories.
  • Low-Code Platform: Low-code tools make it easy to create and customize individual service processes, enabling you to meet the specific requirements of your business.
  • Case Management: Processes are simplified and orchestrated end-to-end so that customer inquiries can be handled in the shortest possible time.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Every customer service interaction can be intelligently managed and seamlessly automated. Service staff can be helped to make real-time decisions, deliver personalized offers on a large scale, and automate processes.
  • Knowledge Management: Give your customers and employees all the information they need quickly and easily - to deliver solutions faster.
  • Self-ServicePportal and Chatbots: Offer your customers the option of fixing their own problems, by providing self-service portals with tools that enable troubleshooting and account settings changes.
  • Multi-channel Communication: To support customers where they feel most comfortable, accessibility should be ensured through a variety of communication channels such as telephone, email, live chat and social media.

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Need to process customer inquiries quickly and solve problems swiftly and decisively?

A high volume of inquiries and complex manual processes make it difficult to process customer requests quickly. At the same time, in-house service staff are dissatisfied with the internal processes of their organization and see considerable potential for improvement. Digital and automated service processes that can be flexibly adapted are essential for the efficient handling of customer concerns and to ensure staff satisfaction.


What is customer service software?

Customer service software helps companies respond more efficiently to customer inquiries and improve customer satisfaction. Typical features include ticketing systems, knowledge databases, live chat, email support, and often CRM integration as well. There are different types of customer service software solutions. These range from simple help desk systems to full automation of the entire customer service department, and are tailored to different business requirements.

What is the difference between customer engagement software and customer service software?

Customer engagement aims to maintain and strengthen long-term customer relationships. It can encompass a range of solutions, including customer service software for direct support of customers with live concerns and problems.

What is the difference between CRM software and customer service software?

CRM software facilitates the management of customer information and the maintenance of customer relationships throughout the entire life cycle, while customer service software focuses on the efficient handling of customer inquiries and problems. CRM software is designed for sales and marketing teams, as well as executives who strategically plan customer relationships. Customer service software is mainly designed for customer service representatives and support teams. In many cases, the CRM platform is a part of customer service software.

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