Compliance – whistleblower system

Whistleblower Policy & Protections

USU Software AG’s whistleblower system encourages employees, customers, and others to report or raise concerns about breaches of law or internal compliance rules such as corruption, discrimination, harassment, and fraud. At USU Software AG, compliance with legal regulations and internal compliance rules is top priority and we encourage those with concerns to report them as early as possible so that we can take the appropriate measures to investigate and resolve them while minimizing potential damage to customers, employees, business partners and the company.

Contact with the Compliance Officers responsible at USU Software AG

If you have specific evidence of breaches of legal regulations or rules at USU or suspect that such a breach has occurred, contact the internal or external Compliance Officers responsible at USU Software AG :

  • Internal Compliance Officer in the Legal department:

    • By telephone: 07141-4867-187 (Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:00, by fax: -707
    • Via email to: compliance(at)
    • By mail: USU Software AG, Legal Department/Compliance, Spitalhof, D-71696 Möglingen;
  • Via our external lawyer who will keep your identity anonymous:

USU Software AG will investigate all claims. We guarantee the greatest possible confidentiality and fairness with the whistleblower when investigating. This also applies to any employee who is accused of such a breach. Information can also be given anonymously. Please provide as many details as possible and, if available, provide attachments and documents which support your suspicion. We can only investigate a claim and act with adequate details and evidence.

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