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End the ticket avalanche and permanently busy hotline!

Create, analyze and process IT tickets efficiently with our IT Service Desk. You benefit with up to 20% of end-user questions answered and reported incidents resolved and up to 100% of service requests processed — all automatically. Invest the time you save into solving critical service disruptions. Let our software solution help your IT service desk manage and perform all support activities with ITIL®-based processes.

What’s more, you can also use the solution for all other service areas. Get support for managing all your enterprise services.

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Spotlight Artificial Intelligence

What opportunities does Artificial Intelligence offer IT management to free up resources for value-adding activities? We identified six fields of action and compiled them for you.

Help your service desk help users: Opening and processing tickets

Our solution gives your service desk and users many options for opening tickets: By hand, email, self-service, or SMS or through an event-monitoring system or other system interfaces. Your service desk agents receive support from our solution’s integrated telephone system (CTI) and chat features when they interact with end users. They also have access to affected services and assets, including related warranty and maintenance terms, when processing tickets. The system automatically monitors response and resolution times according to the current service level agreements (SLAs). More complex troubleshooting processes are supported by the integration of problem management or change management processes.

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IT Self-Service for end users

Empower end users to use self-service for reporting incidents, submitting service requests and getting answers to their questions. Our ITSM solution’s automation features automatically eliminate incidents through self-healing, resolve service requests such as software installation and answer end user questions, e. g. with the help of a chatbot.

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Do away with manual ticket dispatching and let AI do the work

Eliminate manual ticket dispatching once and for all. Intelligent ticket routing draws on an AI algorithm to automatically categorize incoming reported incidents and end-user questions addressed to your IT support team then prioritizing and assigning them to a support group. No more need to manually categorize and assign tickets!

Unlike rule-based algorithms, our AI-based approach eliminates the need for your team to manually readjust classification rules. By automatically adapting to new types of reported incidents and end-user questions, the self-learning algorithm minimizes the time and effort they need to process incoming tickets.

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Streamline service requests

Our IT Self-Service solution uses workflows to approve and process service requests sent by end users. The solution provides you with workflows for standard service requests, such as ordering PC workstations, smartphones and user accounts, but you can also adapt them or create new ones to meet your specific needs.

No need to involve a service desk employee: Use our solution to fully automate service requests and run them autonomously — service requests like installing and uninstalling software, creating user accounts, setting up access rights, supporting Microsoft Team rooms and much more. Software-defined infrastructure also lets you automate setup and management of virtual infrastructures in your own data center and with public cloud providers.

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USU Knowledge Management

Support knowledge transfer in your IT service desk and increase first contact resolution rates by integrating our Knowledge Management solution.

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MS Teams Integration

Get IT support where your employees already are, in Microsoft Teams. Our integration enables users to chat directly with service desk agents and agents to chat amongst themselves. Enable frictionless communication and support without switching applications or navigating through internal portals.

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Keep users in the loop: Urgent incidents easily reported

With USU IT Service Management, you give your service desk the tools they need to actively notify end users when a new incident occurs or maintenance work is planned. The solution displays urgent messages on affected users’ screens as pop-ups as well as lets your service desk restrict the list of users who get the messages to specific user groups, departments or sites.

In addition, end users who use self-service to report an incident automatically see a message indicating known incidents or current maintenance work. That way they learn work is underway to resolve the incident — no need to open a new ticket!

Service support that reaches into the field

Our IT Service Desk solution also lets the service desk team work when on the go. Using an app for smartphones and tablets, they can process tickets and inventory assets, even offline when there’s no mobile network connection.

With the help of an AI-based algorithm, the solution automatically assigns field-service resources so you don’t have to! It also automatically assigns service requests to field-service technicians and optimizes travel routes depending on several criteria such as required skills, assignment locations, service equipment and stocked spare parts.

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Identify root causes with help of the CMDB

Access to information from the CMDB means you can identify root causes of incidents faster. You get insight into extensive details on service structures and IT components as well as on their dependencies. This helps you to immediately identify problems that could affect business services as well as determine their root causes.

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Prevent recurring incidents with problem management

KPI-based analyses help you identify frequently recurring incidents that can be traced back to the same cause before problem-management processes kick in to find this cause. Your service desk then defines information and temporary workarounds to handle these incidents, with the problem permanently eliminated in the end through, for example, a change process.

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Analyze, optimize, scrutinize

Our integrated IT analytics solution helps process owners monitor and optimize ITIL® processes on the basis of KPIs. Role-based, interactive dashboards provide information on the current status while ad hoc analyses using self-service business intelligence (BI) support problem analysis.

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