Container Monitoring

Our solution offers a standard connection to the orchestration tools Kubernetes and Openshift. Integrated autodiscovery automatically detects and monitors new containers or pods and nodes — and the Docker environment can operate in the cloud or on-premises. This gives you a real-time overview of the availability and detailed status of your nodes and containers or pods.

In addition, our monitoring solution provides you with an overview of relevant key figures such as CPU utilization, memory usage, hard drives, and network I/O of your containers. This lets you quickly see if there’s still enough capacity on the nodes for images as well as new containers or pods — or if you need an additional node.

You can also view current alarms in the container environment through event consoles (dashboards). Integrated alarm management rounds out the overall solution.

Dashboard Container Monitoring Kubernetes

Selected features

Web service APIs for Kubernetes and Openshift orchestration tools

Automated discovery and automated monitoring of container infrastructure

Availability analysis for all services


Multiclient dashboards and integrated error analysis

Integrated alarm management

Container Monitoring with USU IT Monitoring

Monitoring your containers and microservices

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