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Disy Software: Precise Decisions through Business & Location Intelligence

The digital future presents many challenges that require a holistic view of our data: All areas of organizations and businesses contain decision-relevant data that, if interpreted correctly, can provide valuable answers to specific questions. The solution to these challenges lies in the intelligent linking of business and geospatial data. For two-thirds of companies, geospatial data plays a critical role alongside business data. A comprehensive analysis should always ask the "where" question in order to understand the "why.

An efficient data culture helps to leverage business intelligence and location intelligence. Both can help organizations respond more quickly and efficiently to change.

Business Intelligence

When used optimally, data can help you gain deep insights, determine the status quo, or uncover trends and correlations. With business intelligence, this data can be analyzed, visualized, and distributed throughout the organization to provide the foundation for truly fact-based decisions.


Location Intelligence

Geospatial data is becoming increasingly important in business processes. The use of this data offers added value not only for specialized processes in the public sector, but also for portal and individual solutions in a wide range of industries. Through targeted integration, companies can not only increase their efficiency, but also make informed decisions based on accurate geospatial and factual data.

Dashboard zum Thema Ladestationen für Elektroautos in Deutschland mit Kombination aus interaktiver Karte und KPIs

Benefits of using Disy software

Data Discovery

Analyze data and gain new insights with Bussines Intelligence

Information Delivery

Deliver reports on a scheduled or event-driven basis


Discover spatial and temporal relationships

Advanced Analytics

Integration of advanced analytics, AI and machine learning


Extend business applications and portals with analytics, reporting, and geospatial capabilities

Enterprise ready

Lifecycle and rights management for large organizations

USU Supports Data-Based Decisions with Software from Disy

USU uses Disy's partner software to integrate data into web portals and provides customers with comprehensive advice on the efficient use of GIS technologies. The company develops holistic solutions that enable seamless integration into existing systems.

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