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With USU solutions and services, your company can deliver the services that customers and employees need with simpler workflows, increased automation and deeper knowledge.

The USU Difference

30 % lower costs for cloud and software

100 % ROI in the first 12 months

50 % greater productivity in service orgs

USU Software Asset Management

Make the best choices for your software

Reduce your software spend by up to 30%. We help you manage software licenses and lower audit risk for cloud platforms, data center and hybrid environments. You always have a trusted advisor as the tools and services come from a single SAM company.

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USU Software Asset Management

USU Knowledge Management

Deliver the right answer, every time

Deliver accurate, consistent information across all channels to customers, employees and partners to watch your KPIs and productivity grow. Integrate everywhere, creating a seamless user experience and reducing effort across the board.

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USU Knowledge Management

USU IT Service Management

Maintain a clear overview of all your IT service processes over their entire life cycle with a flexible, scalable and proven solution for IT service management.

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USU Enterprise Service Management - IT Service Management

USU Enterprise Service Management

Manage and digitize your services enterprise-wide securely and efficiently with proven tools and methods.

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USU IT Monitoring

Monitor your hybrid system landscape, services and processes holistically and efficiently with USU's 360° monitoring and automated service monitoring.

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USU Cloud Management

Manage all your hybrid IT infrastructure, both hardware and software, in the cloud and in its own data center. Keep track of all your assets, reduce costs and ensure adherance to your governance and compliance regulations.

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USU Self-Service Management

Automate and improve your service processes via intelligent self-service including chatbots and virtual assistants. Enable your customers and employees to solve routine issues without picking up the phone or submitting a ticket.

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USU AI Services

Turn your data into actionable insights for better decision making with applied USU AI technology. USU offers tailor-made AI solutions that create measurable business success from digital transformation.

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Managed Software

USU offers more than just software. Our customer success program actively ensures you get the most out of your investment - and the USU managed services take over your routine tasks so you can concentrate on your core business.

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✓ USU Professional Support

✓ Access to USU Knowledge Hub

✓ Free Upgrades

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✓ USU Extended Support

✓ Access to USU Knowledge Hub

✓ Free Upgrades

✓ One USU Review Day per Year

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✓ USU Extended Support

✓ Access to USU Knowledge Hub

✓ Free Upgrades

✓ Two USU Review Days per Year

✓ USU Managed Services


Many companies will claim to provide Knowledge Management however they really do "just enough" where USU is loaded with features, bells and whistles all helping make Knowledge Management a critical component in our day to day.

Keith S, Manager, Medical Devices manufacturer – Capterra review

1,200+ brands trust USU

Companies across the globe trust USU solutions to create transparency, increase business agility, lower costs and reduce their risks - through smarter services, simpler workflows and better collaboration.

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