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Career development

Smart employees are the key to our success. If you’re interested in current trends, want to dive deeper into your area of interest, or expand your range of skills, we’ll assist you in all stages of your career with our comprehensive development program.

01| U Step In! – first step

Orientation event

Our well-structured onboarding process forms a crucial basis for your success. Held on your first day of work, the orientation event gives you an opportunity to meet your new coworkers, personal mentor, and primary contact partners as well as to receive your hardware. After completing a brief IT training program, you can then start work in your department.

Onboarding on the job

During the on-the-job technical onboarding process, you’ll quickly learn your job responsibilities, processes, and, above all, your key contact partners, so you can start developing your own USU network. Are you taking your first steps into a new subject area? If so, we’ll make sure you get the training and certifications you need. Your mentor will remain at your side.

U Step In! — workshop

We promote collaboration with USU locations right from the start. Make your first contacts across regions and solutions at our onboarding workshop and into the USU spirit in the process.

02| U Step Up! — career development

Together, we’ll shape the direction of your career during regular conversations and draw on our development modules to efficiently design the process. We’ll also foster your potential with the help of tailored internal and external certifications, workshops, and coaching sessions.

Professional activities involving our customers

Add professionalism to your business dealings with customers by attending moderation training courses. We use role-playing and training exercises drawn from and for our everyday business activities, so you learn to apply the tools you need to successfully lead customer workshops and meetings — and win over people.

Shaping customer relationships

Sharpen your advisory skills and enhance your speaking abilities in your dealings with customers through targeted training courses. Draw on video feedback to learn how to efficiently manage communication processes and reflect on and improve your negotiating skills during group challenges.

IT technical skills and methodological expertise

Expand your tech stack through training and certification programs devoted to boosting IT technical skills and methodological expertise. Our standard training and certification programs include ITIL, Oracle, software architecture, Liferay, Magnolia, and Pega. We also offer training in a range of different programming languages and architectural environments.

Project management

Earn certification in internationally recognized standards like IPMA, Prince 2, and Scrum to manage your projects more efficiently and create added value for your customer projects and teams.

Leadership skills

In our workshops, acquire skills in such areas as professional conflict management and targeted problem-solving through design thinking. Also work with experienced and future USU managers to develop leadership tools and management techniques.

Sales techniques

Expand your sales know-how with the help of experienced sales trainers. Be part of company-wide teams that draw on specific sales situations to jointly devise new sales strategies that include opportunity management, best practices, and new sales methods, and in the process become an important driver of our USU Vision.

03| U Step Up! Talent: manager development

At USU, we develop exceptionally talented employees in a very special way. With the help of U Step Up!, we give exceptionally talented employees an opportunity to join our two-year professional development program. The five talented USU employees who emerge triumphant from the challenging internal application process held each year will participate in an exciting training program that will provide them with exclusive insights into the company’s management and an opportunity to attend special seminars on professional and management expertise.