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Better Service with Efficient Self-Service Solutions

Our self-service options are versatile and offer flexible solutions for your customer inquiries across various industries. With our central knowledge management software as a single source of truth, you can efficiently manage your service knowledge and provide it through the preferred channel. This ensures that customer questions are answered quickly and reliably, 24/7.

Optimize your service without additional resource expenditure and offer your customers a better, faster service.


What Sets USU Customer Self-Service Solutions Apart


Customized and Flexible

We offer solutions with comprehensive standards and tailor them to meet your specific needs as required.



Our products offer easy usability for a comfortable and intuitive experience, enhancing customer satisfaction.



Our self-service solutions deliver content across all channels, ensuring consistent service quality.


We chose USU because we were able to integrate the customer self-service solution very easily into our existing website. This allows us to offer our customers exactly the service information they need. If necessary, we can react very quickly to current messages and events. Customers are informed immediately and our service center is relieved as a result.

Wolfgang Schneider, Software Engineer/Projektmanager, Liwest Kabelmedien GmbH

Flexible, Customizable Self-Service Tools for Your Needs

Our knowledge base is the foundation on which you can combine self-service tools to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to introduce a new tool or expand an existing one, we have the right solution for you.

Knowledge Center Widget

Effortlessly integrate a FAQ list into your website with the USU Knowledge Center Widget (KCenter Widget). This always-visible widget provides context-sensitive answers related to the current content, delivering precise information.

  • Context-sensitive answers
  • Easy integration with code snippets
  • Reduction of standard inquiries
  • Expandable with a chatbot
  • Customizable to match your corporate design
KM_EN_Knowledge Center Widget

Knowledge Help Center

Offer Your Customers Extensive Search Capabilities on Your Website

The USU HelpCenter provides access to a comprehensive knowledge base with an intelligent search function. This standalone web application can be accessed via a link, is indexed by Google, and supports your SEO activities.

  • Detailed and comprehensive information
  • Easy integration with HTML linking
  • SEO-ready and indexable
  • Expandable with a chatbot
  • Customizable to match your corporate design


Offer Your Customers an Interactive and Seamless Experience with the USU Chatbot

Our chatbot provides personalized communication and handles tasks like order status inquiries, placing orders, and processing exchanges and returns. For complex issues, the chatbot seamlessly transfers to a service agent or opens a ticket.

With our unique multibot technology, you can deploy as many chatbots as needed for various use cases. Our AI assistant, KAI, eliminates confusion and delivers precise answers, making understanding significantly easier. Optimize your customer service with intelligent and efficient solutions.

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Execution of actions
  • Unlimited chatbot combinations (multibot architecture)
  • Customizable to match your corporate design




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Florian Schwingenschloegl
Enterprise Sales Manager | USU Knowledge Management

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