Governance, Risk & Compliance Effectively enforce your IT strategy and reduce risks

USU IT Service Management - Governance Risk Compliance

Reduce risks in IT operations

Track and manage all your risks in IT operations with our solution. Each risk is evaluated in terms of likelihood of occurrence and impact. Risk priority values identify the most important risks. Applying preventing measures causes the risk priority value to be decreased.

A risk catalog for ISO 27001 assessment including the 27017/27018 extension is included out-of-the-box.

Governance, Risk & Compliance - Reduce Risks

Analyze and monitor your IT

Monitor your entire IT landscape with easy-to-read interactive and customizable dashboards. All KPIs needed to control both your strategic and operational IT service management are available out-of-the-box. This includes analysis to show compliance with your governance regulations such as cloud services usage, Enterprise Architecture Model or investment policies as well as all operational IT KPIs. Bring in data from external sources easily for a complete view of all of your IT.

Governance, Risk & Compliance - Analytics

Uncover hidden optimization potential with self-service BI

When IT key performance indicators are off, who are you gonna call? Our self-service BI is on the job to so you can:

  • Create customized ad hoc analyses and reports via quick drag and drop
  • Uncover hidden causes by comparing, clustering, and correlating different data sets
  • Reduce your reliance on BI and reporting experts — no database knowledge needed
USU ITSM - Self-Service BI

Drag & Drop your Way to New Reports On Demand

Provide comprehensive information by automatically generating and delivering reports to key stakeholders. Targeted group-specific reports ensure relevance for your chosen audience. You can quickly create new reports via drag and drop and then schedule them to be sent automatically at regular intervals you choose.

Governance, Risk & Compliance - Reporting

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