System Monitoring Automated and efficient system monitoring software for all cloud-based and on-premises IT systems.

System Monitoring

What is System Monitoring?

System monitoring is the ongoing process of monitoring, analyzing, and visualizing the performance and availability of IT systems, applications, and networks. It combines server monitoring, which focuses on server performance, with Application & Performance Monitoring (APM), which evaluates application efficiency. By continuously collecting data on key aspects such as CPU utilization, memory usage, network throughput, and service availability, system monitoring ensures business continuity by detecting performance bottlenecks, system failures, and security risks early. This comprehensive analysis enables IT administrators to proactively address issues, optimize performance, and improve IT infrastructure security, ensuring high user satisfaction and system availability.

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In a world where every second counts, IT downtime is unacceptable. In our quick video, you'll learn in just 60 seconds how USU System Monitoring minimizes downtime, maximizes control, and revolutionizes your IT.

Our System Monitoring at a glance

The USU System Monitoring tool is your all-in-one solution for seamless monitoring of your entire IT infrastructure. Designed for maximum efficiency, it adapts seamlessly to traditional on-premises systems, as well as hybrid and modern cloud technologies. Our software helps IT teams detect and resolve potential faults early, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maximizing user satisfaction. With our innovative functions, handling and maintaining IT systems is simplified, improving system performance, ensuring reliable operation of IT resources, and increasing security in your IT landscape.


Orchestration at the highest level: Application & Server Monitoring (APM)

The Application and Server Monitoring tool is your comprehensive solution for monitoring and optimizing the performance and availability of your servers and applications. It provides IT administrators with a complete, real-time view of their IT infrastructure's health by continuously capturing key data points such as system performance, resource utilization (CPU, memory, network), performance bottlenecks, and application availability issues.

  • Agent-based solution with extensive best practices for server and application monitoring
  • Additional agentless monitoring via database connectors, WMI, log file analysis, etc.
  • Central versioning and distribution
  • Integrated alerting
  • Cloud connectors (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle) with automatic discovery and best practices for monitoring your cloud infrastructure

Discover our Application and Server Monitoring (APM): a solution that combines quality with the adaptability and extensibility needed for today's IT landscapes. Improve the performance and reliability of your servers and applications, increase uptime, and reduce operating costs at the same time.

Selected functions

Centralized and automated monitoring of your servers & applications

Over 650 ready-to-use plug-ins according to best practice standards

Integrated discovery and automated monitoring of cloud infrastructure and cloud services

Immediately available, detailed reporting with future-oriented forecasts & trends thanks to integrated capacity management (out of the box)

User-friendly, multi-client capable dashboards for efficient error analyse

Seamlessly integrated USU alarm management

Maximum performance guaranteed

IT monitoring used to be simpler with limited physical resources and no need for automation. Today, it has become more complex due to heterogeneous and hybrid IT environments, numerous applications, and virtual servers—even for smaller companies. To ensure a stable IT infrastructure, application and performance monitoring and capacity planning are crucial. In our e-book, you will learn how to monitor system performance, identify bottlenecks, and proactively optimize. It also presents best practices and tools that support effective capacity planning.

E-Book: Application & Performance Monitoring and Capacity Planning


Optimum use of your resources: Capacity Management

We offer integrated capacity management that gives you a decisive overview of the available capacities in your IT environment. Ensure your IT resources consistently meet the agreed service requirements (SLAs) without overlooking costs. Our tool not only provides deep insights into current usage and performance of your IT resources but also helps you plan ahead, ensuring your IT infrastructure is always ready to meet the growing needs of your business. Benefit from strategic resource planning based on data-driven forecasting to avoid over- or under-capacity. This enables a cost-efficient alignment of your IT infrastructure with your company's long-term goals, ensuring optimal and economical IT support. By precisely aligning IT resources and budgets with your company's current and future requirements, you can keep your IT systems adaptable and efficient.

Forecasts & Trends

  • Precise capacity analysis: Use observability to accurately forecast capacity requirements and enable proactive resource planning.
  • Proactive risk mitigation: Identify potential capacity bottlenecks and security risks early through advanced trend analysis, enabling proactive countermeasures.
  • Agile adaptation to business requirements: Ensure operational continuity and performance with flexible capacity planning that adapts to changing business needs.

Rightsizing of Capacities

  • Optimal use of resources: Efficiently distribute IT resources based on economic needs and demand to avoid over- and under-capacity, improving overall performance.
  • Increased performance: Redistribute previously unused IT resources to boost the performance of central applications significantly.
  • Cost optimization & Green IT: Adjust IT resources precisely to actual requirements, reducing IT costs and supporting sustainability through lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Maximum performance guaranteed

Webinar System Monitoring

Webinar: Application & Performance Monitoring and Capacity Management

Effective capacity management is crucial for optimizing hardware, network, and application performance while safeguarding business-critical processes. Continuous monitoring allows companies to identify bottlenecks and optimize resource allocation, ensuring efficient capacity utilization. Watch our webinar to learn how capacity management and performance monitoring work together to optimally manage IT infrastructure.

usu_itm_Data Center & Building Infrastructure

From room temperature to energy consumption: Data Center & Building Infrastructure Monitoring

Our USU software solution for Data Center & Building Infrastructure offers comprehensive monitoring of your data center infrastructure and building control technology, exceeding classic ITIL® disciplines. With over 30 years of industry experience, we have developed a platform that is not only efficient but also extremely reliable. Our in-depth expertise in monitoring data centers and building control systems provides the foundation for a robust and reliable monitoring system.

Our Data Center & Building Infrastructure Monitoring seamlessly integrates critical functions such as checking room temperatures, energy consumption, network analyzers, RCM devices, air conditioning performance, potential overloads, and system states of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to ensure optimal service availability. Indirect data sources like building management systems or fire alarm panels can also be easily connected. With direct and indirect data acquisition, our system enables precise and timely responses to any type of threshold violations through automated alarm systems.

Our software solution also allows you to combine information from infrastructure monitoring with service monitoring. This enables a central, clear, and real-time updated presentation on dashboards. This in-depth expertise not only guarantees high system performance and reliability but also provides complete insight into the status of your IT and building infrastructure, ensuring it is ready to meet future challenges.

Selected Functions


Holistic view: Gain a comprehensive view of your IT and building infrastructure, including data centers and building management systems, extending beyond traditional ITIL® framework boundaries.


Direct and indirect data collection: Monitor critical factors such as room temperature, power consumption, air conditioning performance, imminent overload, and UPS faults.


Expanded monitoring spectrum: Query data from upstream systems like building management systems or fire alarm control panels to broaden monitoring capabilities.


Increased operational reliability: Ensure higher service availability with predictive monitoring, effective risk factor identification, and rapid response to irregularities.


Proactive alarm systems: Integrate sensor technology and monitoring units to trigger alarms for critical conditions, enabling immediate response.


Centralized dashboards: Combine infrastructure monitoring and service monitoring for clear, real-time updates on central dashboards.


Monitor more

The USU software solution for mainframe monitoring is designed to support organizations that place the highest demands on system performance and high availability of their mainframe computers. This solution ensures outstanding performance that supports critical business processes even under extreme conditions, guaranteeing continuous operational reliability.

Discover our wide range of functions developed to meet the needs of modern IT environments and mainframes. These include event processing, console monitoring and control, IPL management, remote operations, heartbeat checks, and HMC control and monitoring.

With these advanced features, we provide a comprehensive, secure, and highly available monitoring solution essential for managing mainframe environments efficiently and securely.

Selected Functions

Extensive trigger and filter functions

Mainframe Automation

Powerful context analysis

Secured parallel console operation

High system performance and availability

Graduated authorization concept

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