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USU Enterprise Service Management

Expand your Digital Services beyond IT

Digitize all your company’s service processes with USU Enterprise Service Management (ESM). Based on the same technology as USU IT Service Management (ITSM), it provides you a standard set of methods and tools for providing efficient services company-wide.

USU Enterprise Service Management

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With Enterprise Service Management (ESM) improve administrative, customer service and technical service processes, and promote digitalization and automation. USU Enterprise Service Management (ESM) allows you to either optimize individual service areas or use the software as a central solution across company departments.

The advantages for a cross-departmental use of an ESM tool

By using an enterprise service management system, internal service departments can present themselves much more professionally to their users. The satisfaction of the internal users increases and improves the reputation of the service departments. The administrative workload will be reduced so there is more time to focus on important strategic tasks.

USU IT Service Management

Plan, deliver, and manage your IT services with ease.

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USU Enterprise Service Management - IT Service Management

Employee Service Management

Efficiently provide HR services to employees.

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USU Enterprise Service Management - Employee Service Management

Customer Service Management

Provide your customers with high-quality services.

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USU Enterprise Service Management - Customer Service Management

Facility Service Management

Provide employees with efficient facility services.

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Employee & Manager Self-Service

Via a self-service portal, your employees can access services from all in-house service departments. Questions, requests or incident reports submitted by employees will be either automatically processed or routed to the proper staff members. Managers approve employee requests and receive access to their area’s reports via the Self-Service portal.

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Customer Self-Service

The Self-Service Portal can also be used externally. It offers your customers a single channel for all service processes. Automatically handle customer questions and orders 24/7, and contact a service agent only when needed.

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Service Catalog

The Service Catalog makes all services available to your employees or customers. Like in an online shop, employees can order new IT equipment from IT, an interim testimonial from HR or hospitality from Facility Management. In addition, customers can request accessories, spare parts or maintenance services.

Asset Management

A variety of standardized assets for IT service management, such as servers and clients, as well as other service areas are available out of the box. Further customer-specific assets can be configured at any time, so you can expand the service management to include furnishings, buildings, machinery, systems or vehicles.

Knowledge base

With the help of the integrated knowledge base, you can automatically respond to frequently asked questions from employees and customers. Assist your service staff, for example by providing articles from experts as support for service desk employees.

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All service processes are logged and analyzed in reports and dashboards. The head of internal service organizations or the customer service receives the data they need to identify optimization potential, and they can provide customers with information quickly.

Integration & interfaces

Enhance existing service systems and applications. Specialized applications already do much of the work in service organizations. With USU Enterprise Service Management, there’s no need to replace any of them. Manage higher-level service processes, and keep operational data and subordinate processes in existing applications.

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Workflows & Automation

A variety of digitalized service processes from the IT and non-IT fields are available out-of-the-box. Tailor these to your customer-specific needs or supplement them by adding new processes. Integrate them with any third-party system to enable and automate cross-system processes.

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