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Ready in 5 weeks with our starter package: A planned relay race instead of a complex marathon

Choosing and implementing a new IT service management (ITSM) tool is like starting a relay race - the first runner passes the baton to the next, and so the race continues. Every step the runners take influences the overall course of the race. It will take some time for all runners to complete the course and reach the finish line. It is therefore crucial not to underestimate the scope and consequences of selecting and implementing a new ITSM tool.

We offer an ITSM starter package for the implementation of your new ITSM tool so that your ITSM project does not become a lengthy marathon but a plannable relay race.

Plannable consulting costs for ITSM implementation

As one of the leading software houses for service management, we have been helping more than 1,200 national and international customers to optimise their digital services holistically for over 40 years. Our focus is not only on delivering the USU IT Service Management Suite, but also on fast and uncomplicated implementation through our consulting services.

In our ITSM starter package for service management consulting, we offer you standardised support in setting up and integrating your new ITSM tool. With our team of experienced ITSM consultants, we guarantee a fast and smooth implementation of your new ITSM tool.

"Ready in 5 weeks" is our ITSM starter package offering

The ITSM starter package is designed to enable medium-sized and larger companies to get started quickly and easily with USU IT Service Management. Because an ITSM project does not have to be lengthy, complex and non-transparent. That is why we have developed the ITSM starter pack with our ITSM experts. In 5 weeks, we want to enable every customer to get started with their new ITSM tool.

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The complexity of an ITSM project is there, we can't reduce it or even take it away. But we can deal with it properly by analysing the big picture together with our customers. This is precisely why we offer the ITSM starter package as a standard for the initial start of the tool introduction.

Timo Weber
Director Consulting | Service Management

Fixed implementation plan and secure conditions

"Ready in 5 weeks" means guaranteed conditions for the consulting services for your ITSM project with the USU. The starter package thus offers planning security for the start of the project and budget security for your IT project manager. You focus on the implementation of standard modules of the USU IT Service Management Suite and receive a customised licence offer in addition to the starter package for consulting. Further information on the scope of the ITSM project, the conditions of the ITSM starter package and the requirements can be found in our factsheet.

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What advantages does the ITSM starter package offer?

There are many reasons why the ITSM starter package is the ideal offer for many companies that want to get started quickly with their ITSM tool. We have listed the most important ones here:

Assured conditions and planning security


Start as SaaS or OnPrem project


Experienced ITSM consulting team with access to a broad USU community


Fixed time frame of 5 weeks until the launch of your new ITSM tool

Reduction of initial investment costs


Further project consulting for subsequent follow-up projects

Who is the offer for?

The implementation of an all-encompassing ITSM suite is not always desired or necessary. This may be for reasons of resources, budget or infrastructure. Perhaps you urgently want to replace a legacy system or want to start now with a digital solution for your IT service management? With a fixed price and guaranteed consulting conditions for the standard modules for IT service management, we want to make the start as simple and transparent as possible. Our consultants are on hand with help and advice throughout the entire project. Even after implementation, we support you in adding further modules or expanding your digitalisation strategy to other specialist areas such as IT self-service or service shop integration.

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Let's talk in person!

Most questions are best answered by direct contact. We look forward to answering your questions and requests over the phone.

Daniel Decker
ITSM Community Developer USU | Solution IT- und Enterprise Service Management

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