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Working together to best serve our customers

A strong network with USU

We provide customers like you with software and service solutions that pave the way to better service, empowered employees, and world-class customer experiences. We form strong teams with our partners to achieve these goals. Drawing on these robust partnerships, we support you in building optimal workflows in IT and customer service.  

Proven quality

Selected with great care, our partners distinguish themselves by their special expertise, state-of-the-art technology, proven methodology, and many years of experience. We only partner with the highest-performing companies with proven expertise and a track record of successful projects.

Our partners at a glance

Solution resellers

Partners that offer customers end-to-end solutions: Software, implementation, support, consulting, and training

Service providers

Partners that supply IT solutions and services based on our software to end users and companies

Consulting partners

USU solution experts focused on implementing our applications and providing customers with the support, consulting, and training required for a successful rollout

Referral partners

Companies that establish potential leads and refer us to prospective customers that could benefit from our solutions

OEM partners

Companies that embed our solutions into their existing product portfolio and resell them

Technology partners

Providers that sell technology or IT services that work in conjunction with our software 

Development partners

Partners that expand solution features by developing their own technical modules on the basis of our software 

Strategy partners

Management consulting firms that identify use cases and related business value for our solutions

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Bechtle Comsoft

Cirrus Response

Cloud Tech Guru

Common Sense Consulting GmbH



Customer Driven