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A strong network with USU

We provide customers like you with software and service solutions that pave the way to better service, empowering employees and helping to deliver world-class customer experiences. We form strong relationships with our partners to achieve these mutual goals, supporting you in building optimal IT and customer service workflows.

Proven quality

Our partners are carefully selected for their unique expertise, state-of-the-art technology, proven methodology, and years of experience. We only partner with the highest-performing companies with a track record of successful projects.

Select the program that fits your business

Choose the program that’s right for your business and join USU’s vibrant partner network. We designed a program that grows with you. Review our program information and contact us.

Solution Sales Partner

You offer end-to-end solutions of software, implementation, support, consulting and training to customers, or establish potential leads and refer us to those prospects

Consulting Partner

You provide IT solutions and services to end users and companies with the support, consulting, and training required for a successful software rollout

Service Provider

Partners that supply IT solutions and services based on our software to end users and companies

Technology Partner

You sell technology or IT services which work in conjunction with our software

OEM Partner

Your company embeds our solutions into your existing product portfolio and resells them

Become a partner!

Join our Partner Network and be part of a global community where resources and knowledge around multiple IT skills are used to maximize your success.

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