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What is License Management?

License management, also known as license administration, is the monitoring of software and cloud licenses to ensure compliance with license agreements.

Every company uses software solutions that come with specific license conditions. It is important to keep track of these licenses. Having specialized tools for this can be helpful. License management software serves as a central platform for license management. It manages license inventories effectively, avoids over- and under-licensing, and thus optimizes your expenses.

Instantly determine which software licensing tools you need!

Our software license management service can help you reduce the costs and risks of your software and cloud licenses! USU Software Asset Management can handle any IT environment - from on-premises to cloud - and all types of licenses and software, including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, VMware, Adobe, and AWS. Our license management tool uses advanced analytics to determine exactly which licenses you need and guarantees legal usage. Let us handle these complex calculations for you, so you can sit back and relax.

USU Software Asset Management - License Management

You'll profit from

30 % savings in license costs

100 % ROI in first 6-12 months

300 % ROI in under 3 years

Main Benefits of License Management Software

Cost Reduction

Our software license management service will help you minimize your spending on licenses and maximize your savings.


Our software licensing tool will calculate the number of licenses you need for servers, virtual servers and the cloud in no time at all.


Our license management software will provide you with precise analytics on whether your usage is consistent with your contracts.

Preparation for Software Audits

Prepare for software audits so you can defend your current contracts and usage.

Cost Prevention

Keep a close eye on your budget for maintenance and support with our software license management system.

Cost Projections

Use the history and trend development functions of our software licensing tool to make well-founded business decisions.

License management for big IT environments and easy integration

For over two decades, USU Software Asset Managementhas optimized software and cloud licenses for large companies and Global Fortune 500s. Our software license management system is built for global enterprises with many employees and data centers, and it is easily scalable (up or down) within complex IT environments.

It’s important that your SAM solution is operational immediately. That’s why we integrate seamlessly with the existing tools and systems you already have in place, to ensure secure and smooth implementation and deployment. For greater flexibility, our software license management system can be hosted in the USU cloud as well as run through your own data center.


Calculate pain & gain of cloud migration

"It's cheaper in the cloud". That's the hope of every company planning its move. You'll be able to break down the cost of your current server architecture in the cloud environment and determine how best to handle the new license with advanced simulations included in our license management software. That way, you can always be one step ahead of any financial implications.

Rent or buy?

Decide between subscriptions and Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL).

Pay for a virtual machine?

You can rent a virtual cloud machine and choose how to pay for the software you run through it.

License Management on the Go


You will save the most with data centers; yet, they are also the greatest risk factor for audits. USU Software Asset Management will help you handle complexity and costs.


Our software license management service allows you to differentiate between virtual and physical machines, identify their relationships and topology and simulate new configurations in a sandbox.


Monitor your SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services. Our license management software analyzes your cloud key performance indicators (KPIs) and tracks every subscription.


Track software installed locally and cloud services at the same time. Our license management software can even evaluate a possible migration to the cloud.

Our license management software can handle all licensing models.

All common cloud services

Including: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Database, IBM PVU, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server

50+ integrated connectors

Including: Altiris, BDNA, BMC, HP, ILMT, Microsoft SCCM, ServiceNow, VMware, Adobe Creative Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

All “big” software providers

Including: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, VMware, Adobe, Citrix, HP, CA, Autodesk, Symantec, Attachmate, Red Hat, Embarcadero

Optimize your Oracle licenses

Oracle license management ensures that you use the most cost-effective license model for your Oracle software. USU's license management software gives you full transparency of your complex Oracle environment and ensures that you adhere to compliance guidelines. Our specialized solution uses Oracle-verified data collection methods and provides precise analysis with all the necessary details and intelligent reports.

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USU Software Asset Management - Oracle Optimization

Integrated database for software recognition

207 K licensable products

1 M software & cloud services

4 K software & cloud providers

ITAM Review’s License Management Certification for Enterprise SAM

USU Software Asset Management for Enterprise SAM meets ITAM Review's high certification standards.

ITAM Review 2023


Why license management?

You need license management to ensure you are using software legally, maintain compliance and save expenses associated with software licenses.

How does license management work?

License management entails the recording and analyzing of software used, the reviewing of license agreements and the adaptation of software use to licensing requirements.

What licensing models are there?

There are various licensing models, including perpetual licenses, subscription licenses, cloud-based licenses and more. Each model will have its own terms of use and cost structures.

What does a software license agreement contain?

End user license agreements (EULA) usually contain basic information about the contracting parties, such as the full names of the parties involved and contact information. Further relevant details are e.g. fees per user or number of authorized users, runtime, cancellation conditions, and general usage rights.

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