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Smart SAP rules for engines and packages

Your SAP landscape is a huge network of systems and user accounts that is reconfigured almost daily. With so many changes, it’s challenging to ensure your company pays only for the licenses you need.

That’s why USU Software Asset Management has the most intelligent SAP rule definitions in the industry. You get the right information to determine individual license usage for each SAP engine and package, and to simulate big license changes such as migrating to S/4HANA.

Our solution finds the most cost-effective SAP licenses while ensuring you are compliant with SAP’s license measurements.

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USU Software Asset Management - SAP Optimization

Top 3 benefits of optimization for SAP

Optimize and save

You’ll save an average 10% in costs by optimizing your SAP licenses, seen in the next 3-month cycle.

Stay fully compliant

Run your usage results against SAP audit tools (like LAW and USMM) to always be compliant with contract terms.

Automate for efficiency

Put SAP processes on autopilot – like allocating licenses, retiring unused licenses, and assigning lowest-cost named users.

Verified for SAP License Management

USU Software Asset Management is independently verified by the ITAM Review to meet your biggest SAP licensing challenges. This includes maintaining compliance, optimizing licenses, identifying indirect access, and migrating to S/4HANA cost-effectively.


Know your S/4HANA migration costs

SAP wants its customers to migrate to S/4HANA quickly. But you risk of paying too much if you rush into this change. A cost-effective migration starts with analyzing your current SAP environment, which is where our SAP solution comes in:

  • Simulate different scenarios to forecast your migration costs
  • Determine how many licenses you need for “SAP Professional,” “SAP Functional,” or “SAP Productivity”
  • Automatically convert to the most cost-effective S/4HANA licenses and avoid over-licensing
  • Uncover cost-saving potential in your current SAP estate to use against your S/4HANA license purchases

You'll benefit from

10 % savings in average license costs

40 % less preparation time

60 % reduced risk avoidance

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S/4HANA & Digital Access: Mastering the SAP® Licensing Challenge

According to current surveys, 80% of SAP customers have either already transitioned to SAP S/4HANA, are in the process of doing so, or are planning a migration.

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The Ultimate Guide to SAP Fiori

The release of SAP Fiori will permanently change the way your company works, having already initiated a process called "the fiorization" of entire business processes.

Choose Digital Access or Indirect Access?

Make a decision your budget won’t regret. SAP says Digital Access’s document licensing is easy and convenient – but is it cheaper than indirect access? Our SAP solution helps you decide by looking at important options such as:

  • Find your indirect access risk, and use our SAP solution to calculate its cost
  • Get a clear, flexible overview of all documents created through indirect access
  • Use your overview to simulate the cost of switching from indirect access to Digital Access
  • Decide if the convenience of document licenses is worth the price that SAP wants you to pay

SAP® Certified for Integration with SAP NetWeaver®

SAP has certified our solution can be used technically in SAP NetWeaver as an ABAP add-on, giving you improved interoperability and supportability.

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Tap into our experts’ SAP knowledge

What’s possible in your relationship with SAP? What isn’t! USU has over 40 years of implementing SAP licenses and account management. From analyzing indirect access to negotiating contracts, our SAP experts know what’s worked for other companies and can share those best practices with you.

Analysis of user rights and assigned user types

Engine metrics

Preparation and support for contract negotiations

Indirect usage

SaaS applications

USU Insights

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The Ultimate SAP® S/4HANA Migration Guide

Migrating to S/4HANA is a substantial investment and a technical challenge. A poor migration will cost more, take longer, and require more effort. The Ultimate SAP S/4HANA MIgration Guide will show you how to prepare for your very own S/4HANA migration.

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