SAM Solution for ServiceNow

Enhance ITSM processes with software maturity and data insights
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Manage asset lifecycles across IT systems

It’s difficult to know what software you have and how to track it correctly. You need a full overview of your software estate to manage contracts, optimize costs, and make data-driven business decisions.

ServiceNow® and USU Software Asset Management are both widely recognized as flexible, easy-to-use IT solutions for global organizations. Now ITAM teams can unite these two essential systems to drive a stronger ROI for your software investment.

When ITSM and SAM work together, you can reduce silos, optimize costs, and improve productivity -- turning IT into a true business partner.

It’s a story of stronger together.

Empower your business with the strongest SAM solution

To get the most value, your software investment needs a full-featured SAM tool that handles every IT environment and is built for enterprise complexity.

USU Software Asset Management is your solution for end-to-end license management. Our platform is built from scratch to handle software licenses and cloud subscriptions, track the hardware devices that run them, and connect to every important data discovery tool.

Open architecture

Open architecture that works with any data source or IT system

Built-in connectors

Built-in connectors to all the important vendors (Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Adobe)

Accurate data

Accurate data collection that can be done with any discovery tool

Lifecycle management

Full lifecycle management of your software with mature IT processes

Financial forecasting

Cost reporting to control budget impact and help financial forecasting

USU certified integration with ServiceNow ITSM

USU integration with ServiceNow is a simple process with a sophisticated backbone. Our SAM solution ships with a built-in data connector for ServiceNow.

What does this do for you? The USU Software Asset Management integration certified by ServiceNow for interoperability, security, and performance.

Together, the two platforms strengthen the value of your software and hardware investments by sharing data and increasing efficiencies.

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3 powerful ways USU enhances your ServiceNow investment

A common misconception is: “I’ve already invested in ServiceNow. Why do I need USU?” Both solutions are essential to a healthy IT environment as they fill equally important but completely different business needs.

ServiceNow is one of the leaders in IT Service Management tools. The platform manages your company’s incidents, requests and changes, which aggregates data about your ITSM environment. It also collects information about license installations as it scans your system.

Out of box, USU can import ServiceNow data

Including CMDB, software usage, user, cost center and location data. The ServiceNow data is cleaned and normalized, and merged with asset and discovery data from other sources. Then USU calculates the licenses that your company needs, revealing where you’re over-licensed, under-licensed, or incorrectly licensed.


Together we create a holistic IT management program

By uniting the power of USU Software Asset Management with ServiceNow ITSM, our systems link your IT Service Catalog, Software Asset Management and License Optimization. The integration enriches data quality and provides a deep view across ITAM and CMDB systems.

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