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Why is this Skill Needed?

We are faced with incoming emails in daily life. A large part of communication occurs via email, and despite customer portals emails are still sent directly to the service team. Even the best processes don't seem to prevent this.

What is the Problem?

Numerous pieces of information are exchanged via email. When incidents are created from emails, the email has to be opened as well as the ticket system. Manually the information has to be extracted and hopefully no information is lost in the process. Finally, all the data and information are needed to create a ticket - all manually!

The Solution!

This is where the Dispatcher comes into place. Thanks to the Outlook add-in, tickets can be created directly from Outlook in the USU Service Manager. The add-in allows the user to extract email information and transfer it to an existing USM ticket system with just a few clicks.

Customer Benefits:

The add-in increases efficiency by ensuring no information is lost, and saves time since ticket creation is no longer manually driven. In companies where many emails are still used by users, the Dispatcher offers a great benefit: no information is lost, automation saves time, and efficiency increases. With just a few clicks, a ticket can be opened in USM. What used to take minutes can now be done in seconds.

Almost Invisible Integration and Perfect Documentation:

• Loss-free transfer of all contents and attachments of an email into USU Service Management

• Create and assign tickets

• Close tickets for documentation

• Attach email to an existing ticket (automatic assignment based on ticket ID)

• Simple integration through the installation of an Outlook add-in. The additional MicroService establishes the connection to the Microsoft API


Loss-free transfer of all contents and attachments of an email into USU Service Management
Time savings as ticket creation is no longer manual
More efficient working: with just a few clicks, a ticket can be opened in USM


Ticket (Incident, ESM: HR + FM Case Mgmt.) Additional objects can be expanded or added as needed (additional effort).

Provided Interfaces: The native interfaces of USU Service Management are used (Create and Update Ticket).

Customizability: UI, layout, and content can be customized according to customer requirements. Including pre-filling fields in the ticket or other automations (routing, classification, descriptions, etc.).

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