ST05-1 USU License Management - Software Inventory Recognition

This training focuses on software discovery, i.e., the acquisition and processing of raw software data.

Content/Learning Objectives:
  • Understand the strategic model A-model (operative level of inventory processing)
  • Analyse and create suitable inventory solutions
  • Understand signature mapping, signature handling and rule creation in detail
  • Understand rules in detail and analyze the influence of different factors
  • Understand and configure virtualization structures (Topologies)
  • Understanding the demand calculation: How is demand determined and what parameters influence the calculation?
Target group:
  • Employees responsible for creating and managing recognition signatures and rule sets
  • "Recognition/Inventory Engineer" (highly specialized content)
Prior knowledge: Basic knowledge of the application (end user training) is recommended
Date Location Language Max. Participants Open seats Price per seat
14 Oct 2024 - 15 Oct 2024 Virtual Classroom (Germany) English 12 12 550 EUR ,519 USD Book now