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Why is this Skill Needed?

Knowledge articles should be one-click away for the users. Most of the time knowledge articles are rarely used because users have to open another app. And users like to stay and work with an application that is always open like MS Teams. This is exactly what USU offers with its Knowledge Center linked to MS Teams.

What is the Problem?

The Knowledge Center provides a perfect environment to create knowledge articles that end users can simply access. However, in real life, users rather start an internet search than to access the Knowledge Center. Users want to stay in their usual environment which is mostly Microsoft Teams. Users work, communicate, and plan within this platform. Now all that’s missing is the support through knowledge.

The Solution

Knowledge articles are written once and can be made available to users in MS Teams which is possible with Knowledge2Teams. Knowledge2teams is a skill that integrates MS Teams with USU´s Knowledge Center. With this interface, knowledge articles can be maintained in USU Knowledge Center and users can simply use MS Teams to ask and search for the right knowledge article. The BOT of USU Knowledge Center integrates as well with MS Teams and end users can easily specify the article they are looking for. Knowledge can be shared without having to switch between applications. Simple questions can receive answers from the Knowledge Center or even from ChatGPT.


As a user, I can easily search within Teams and access the Knowledge Management data. The customer can stay within the familiar platform (Teams) and still access the knowledge of the K-Center and, if needed, use ChatGPT without dealing with complicated queries. Even if the customer operates internationally, this is no problem. The skill can easily switch from German to English and vice versa. Additional languages can be integrated upon request for an extra charge, provided that the knowledge in the K-Center is available in multiple languages.


Seamless: Users can access all K-Center data directly from MS Teams.
No training required: Employees don’t need extensive training and can access knowledge immediately.
Efficiency: Once written, knowledge is now used multiple times, increasing the overall efficiency of the company.

Gentlemen Group GmbH

Founded in 2021, Gentlemen Group GmbH is a dynamic company specializing in the implementation, configuration and operation of USU software. Our team, consisting of 27 highly qualified employees, who offer comprehensive support in the implementation and optimization of USU solutions. Additionally, GentlemenGroup develop customized add-ons like skills to further enhance the functionality of USU software and meet the specific requirements endusers and service desk analysts.

Our clients come from various industries, including banking, industry, retail, logistics, automotive, and aviation. This broad industry expertise enables us to understand the specific needs and challenges of our customers and deliver solutions that provide real value.