Our approach to delivering work is based on support throughout the software lifecycle and is designed to facilitate the primary SAM objectives. You gain a Partner who supports the development of your company, systematically increases the maturity of your SAM processes and at the same time allows you to remain flexible in terms of changes occurring in your company. On the top of it Cloudas offers expert consulting in SAM, including process design, optimization, data collection and technology implementation. In parallel, we provide vendor-specific licensing consulting for different contracts and license types, e.g. IBM, SAP, Microsoft or Oracle, as well as coaching programs to continuously increase SAM maturity. Through the technology used and superior services, Cloudas identifies potential areas of optimization and is able to help realize savings immediately.

Top Skills

Scanning, discovery and data collection

HW and SW inventory

License management and license coverage check

SAM process automation

Compliance and audit

Cost optimization

Dashboarding and advanced reporting

Support for new software purchase


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