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We provide professional services in:

  • SAP security,
  • Digitalization of documents based on the Open Text systems,
  • Execution of complex IT projects, Body & Team Leasing, recriutment We accompany our clients on their way to digital transformation every day.

We care about the development and safety of their business. We are a team - a team of individuals who combine their experience, skills and competencies excellently. Every day we share a common goal - to help our customers in digital transformation and improve the security of their businesses. Our clients' priorities are our priorities. Together we strive for success and together we create a better future. We care about relationships, we respect ourselves and our customers.

Our Values:

  • Responsibility - We are responsible for business and society.
  • Quality - We provide top-class IT solutions for business. - Development - The digital transformation of our clients is our priority.
  • Talents - As a team, we focus on talent development and continuous improvement.
  • Relations - We believe that good relationships are the key to mutual success.
  • Partnership - Partnership principles during cooperation are a very important element for us.
  • Confidence - We believe in the welfare of people, honesty and transparency in business relations.
  • Security - We care about the digital security of our customers' data.


+ 48 508 400 203

Address Information

ul. Tęczowa 3 , 60-275 Poznań, Poland NIP: 5213683072 REGON: 360098885