SCHNEIDER IT MANAGEMENT is your primary source for online services, software licenses, and their management.

We are the experts in licensing, deliver you all software available on the open market and transparently manage your software portfolio. With our outstanding global licensing expertise, we offer the right licenses in the right licensing program and at the best conditions. We give independent advice and with our managed services you get better insights in your software usage and online services consumption to reduce costs and save time. With our Managed SAM Services, we transparently manage your software portfolio. Our well-established SAM Framework combines organizational, technological, and contractual aspects in an integrated approach.

With our first-class all-inclusive Managed SAM Services, you will

  • save your time as we relieve you from the management of your software portfolio to focus on your core business
  • save your money through the optimization of your total cost of ownership and efficient management of your online services and software licenses
  • gain full transparency and control over your software and online services assets.

Top Skills

Software Asset Management

Managed SAM Services

Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider

Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Online Services Optimization & Delivery

Software License Optimization & Delivery

License Contract Optimization

Cross-Vendor Optimization


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