Unymira supports customer and IT service during Covid-19

  • Overcome remote work challenges with SaaS solutions for customer service and ITSM Ready in 48 hours
  • 90 days free - No contracts

Organizations and individuals have many new challenges to cope with due to COVID-19. Company-wide remote work and high volumes of service inquiries and tickets require quick solutions to enable business continuity and consistent, quality service. Unymira, a division of USU, is making its customer service and IT service management software free for 90 days in the cloud with no obligation or contracts: https://bit.ly/39oTWbX

Support customer service teams with cloud-based knowledge management and self-service
USU’s cloud-based knowledge management platform, Knowledge Center, enables distributed teams to access, create and manage customer support data in one place. This ensures that every employee has access to the same quality-assured data and can deliver consistent service across channels to all customers. In addition, Knowledge First is an intelligent web-based self-service tool that can be deployed to websites with a single snippet of code. Based on the data in Knowledge Center, it allows customers to quickly solve their own issues online without contacting support. The integration with Knowledge Center means that the data is always current, and no additional documents need to be maintained. All updates in the knowledge base are instantly available online.

Deflect tickets and speed up service delivery
IT departments have seen unprecedented levels of tickets and service requests in order to cope with widescale remote work for employees. This includes VPN credentials, laptop and hardware requests and more. To successfully manage such challenges, IT service requires intelligent tools for service automation. USU’s self-service, alerting system and self-healing solutions allows users to search for solutions themselves and solve them directly. Numerous IT problems can be solved quickly with just one click, and IT can proactively inform affected users in the event of a problem. This results in significantly fewer tickets, faster ticket processing times and higher service desk productivity.