US-based energy company chooses USU to optimize software licenses

A leading service provider („The Customer“) in the energy industry with US headquarters and worldwide projects has chosen to use USU software asset management. The winning factors included USU‘s open system architecture, data center capabilities, and unique ability to offer both cloud and perpetual licensing.

The Customer's initial goal is to use USU Software Asset Management to automatically track and optimize their central engineering applications They will replace their current manual process with the USU solution‘s powerful features for license optimization and simulation in the data center, which can be used to calculate and plan license costs.

Equally important to The Customer is USU’s open architecture, which supports the import of user-defined historical data feeds. The solution will also be used to manage compliance and costs for other essential vendors such as Microsoft and Adobe.

"Our customer’s return on investment is expected to be realized in 12 months. We are delighted with the trust they have placed in us and confident they will see that significant ROI while minimizing their risks," said Achim Rudolph, Senior Vice President, USU Software AG