Fresenius Optimizes Group-Wide Software Asset Management



Transparency, automation, and control over all group-wide IT assets – these were the key requirements of Fresenius Digital Technology as part of a comprehensive Software Asset Management (SAM) project. The goal was to gain valuable data through a professional SAM solution to optimize software use, assess their risks, and operate more efficiently.


By implementing the USU Software Asset Management solution, it was possible to connect different source systems, continuously collect data, and create complete transparency across all IT assets. The solution‘s Discovery and License Management were introduced in parallel.


The USU solution was implemented in close cooperation with technology asset inventory specialists Raynet and HiSolutions. The result was a significant increase in automation and reduction of manual processes. Based on a successful transformation of the group-wide process of data collection, efforts and costs were reduced within a very short time and data quality and coverage were increased.

At a glance

The company

Fresenius Digital Technology


IT-Services (Healthcare & Pharmacy)

Key figures

Approx. 1,000 employees (as of January 2022)



The trusting cooperation of all technology partners involved has resulted in the overall solution that we have been waiting for a long time. With the help of flexible scanning and detection options, we now automatically gain valuable data to optimize our software deployment and make it more economical in the future.

Oliver Hartmann, Senior Consultant Software Asset & License Management at Fresenius Digital Technology

The Challenge

The goal of a comprehensive Software Asset Management project at Fresenius was to optimize the group-wide use of software on the basis of valid data. However, a large number of IT assets could not be accessed automatically, and the group’s decentralized IT infrastructure made continuous data collection difficult. In addition, the maintenance of relations between clusters, physical machines, and virtual hosts was done by manual collection of data, which required a great deal of work and ultimately only reflected a snapshot.

The Fresenius project manager, Oliver Hartmann, described the process. “There is an analogy between dialysis and SAM processes. Just like a dialyzer filters the blood through a multitude of fine fibers to wash it, one of the most important requirements in a SAM project is to “filter” the multitude of raw data to run a valid analysis and produce a compliance balance sheet.”

To be successful, this project required standardized processes and a professional SAM solution that reduced manual effort, and ensured automation and data quality without sacrificing flexibility.


The Solution

USU and Raynet were chosen as the best-of-breed solution in a comprehensive selection process. After a proof of concept with a focus on Microsoft 365, the USU Software Management solution, with Discovery powered by Raynet, was implemented as the next project stage.

With the goal of creating sustainable and transparent SAM processes for the internal customers, Raynet and HiSolutions AG supported the extensive project. Together, they developed a discovery strategy that ensured data quality while minimizing the manual effort required. After tests and adjustments, the Discovery solution was introduced and put into operation.

Based on data and quality management, Fresenius Digital Technology was able to provide internal customers with meaningful and individual KPI reporting using the USU capabilities for License Management and SAM Analytics. The company now benefits from individual customizing options and the multi-client capability of the USU solution.


The Conclusion

“With USU Discovery and USU License Management, we have exactly the solutions we’ve been waiting for a long time,” said Oliver Hartmann, looking back with satisfaction.

Thanks to its powerful technologies, Fresenius Digital Technology is now able to detect devices in completely isolated networks, such as in production or hospitals. The individual dashboards and reports provide all internal customers with valuable key figures and a holistic overview that includes device types, devices, software, and hardware.

Thanks to the high level of automation, manual processes have been reduced by 50 percent and, in turn, efficiency has been significantly increased. The associated cost savings are further added value.

“SAM is always teamwork. Raynet and HiSolutions have supported us in fully mapping all SAM scenarios. Together with the customer and specifically for the customer, we developed a SAM Data Hub that serves as a central platform for data collection 2.0,” said Johannes Biesing, Director of Sales at USU Technologies

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