Leading global automotive supplier finds large-scale software savings with USU

Leading Global Automotive Supplier

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Leading global automotive supplier

Key figures

  • 100,000 workstations and 230,000 users licensed
  • Up-to-date Microsoft license balance
  • Standards set for data quality
  • Cost savings due to reduced purchases
  • 50% reduction of employee time




This global automotive supplier had two main goals: One, make quicker decisions about license purchases and maintenance contracts to reduce future costs. Two, be prepared for a Microsoft software audit at any time. The company’s IT landscape was very diverse from years of business acquisitions. The scope and complexity of their Microsoft usage rights had outgrown Excel spreadsheets. They needed quality control for all imported software data, and a Microsoft license balance that was always up-to-date. To be successful, the Corporate IT group had to eliminate manual processes (such as Excel) and move to a professional license platform.



USU Software Asset Management was implemented. Prior to USU, creating a license balance took several days and required labor-intensive lists. After USU, the license data was available immediately, and Corporate IT had a full view of their licenses across the global enterprise. With the USU solution, the group mastered their biggest challenge of standardizing data sets and data quality. Role-based training from USU consultants helped them to develop organizational and technical concepts.

Leading Global Automotive Supplier


Today, the Corporate IT group has a full view and daily insights into the global licensing situation. They have moved the project to creating license balances on the local level. The USU solution revealed there were more licenses available than realized, which meant future purchases could be reduced and costs were saved on a large scale. The group has been able to consolidate licenses and optimize contracts and develop a lasting awareness of data quality. They have fully mapped Microsoft’s complex license metrics and are proactively managing that vendor. Internal time spent on licensing has been reduced by 50%.

Leading Global Automotive Supplier

What does the customer think?

Changes to the IT architecture require a comprehensive change-management process. USU was the perfect partner in this process, even after the implementation.

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