From an Initial Request to a Happy End Customer: Nespresso's Journey to Service Excellence

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Key figures

  • Approx. 1 million customer inquiries per year
  • Significant increase in customer satisfaction
  • Remarkable Net Promoter Score (NPS) increase


USU Knowledge Management

Nespresso's answer to one million customer inquiries: USU Knowledge Management

With the introduction of USU Knowledge Management and an advanced chatbot, Nespresso has reached a milestone in customer service. These digital solutions have enabled the company to increase customer satisfaction significantly and halving the training time for new customer service employees.

With almost one million customer requests per year, Nespresso faced the challenge of continuously optimizing its service. The answer was found in an innovative, centralized knowledge database that serves as a reliable source of information and improves the availability and quality of service information across all communication channels.

Nespresso is redefining customer service - are you?

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Case Study

In recent years, with the help of our strategic technology partner USU, we have been able to gradually improve the way in which knowledge is successively optimized.
We have consistently synchronized complex service knowledge and our processes - and everyone benefits from this today: not only the service teams in the boutiques and call centers, the service technicians on site, but especially our customers.

Patrizia Ledermann-Gerosa
Content & Knowledge Management Expert at Nespresso Germany GmbH

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