Knowledge management and Salesforce: dream team in action

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Key figures

  • 5,000+ employees
  • Turnover 2019: > 2 billion US dollars

USU solution

USU Knowledge Management

Resmed exploits Salesforce potential with USU Knowledge Management

As a leading manufacturer in the biomedical and digital health industry, Resmed faced challenges with Salesforce CRM.
Learning Salesforce Knowledge was complex, customization was costly and the search function was unreliable.
The solution? A switch to USU Knowledge Management, chosen for its customer focus, flexibility, ease of use and seamless integration with Salesforce.
The goal was to easily migrate content, simplify handling and provide high-quality knowledge to increase customer satisfaction.
With USU, Resmed tripled its editorial output, shortened processing cycles and fostered a strong sense of quality in the service team.
The successful migration led to noticeable improvements in the daily work and quality of customer service.

Dream team overcomes boundaries

Discover how Resmed overcame Salesforce challenges and revolutionized customer care with USU Knowledge Management: triple content increase, faster processing times and significant quality improvements.

Case Study

For us, the active knowledge database from USU was more
than just a system change, it means a complete
change in our customer service!


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