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With USU Chatbot and readyplace click tutorials, a user's issue is resolved even faster. The chatbot shows the solution - the tutorial explains in detail and in individual steps how to carry out the solution steps.

The USU chatbot and readyplace tutorials work together to solve a user's problem even faster. While the chatbot shows the right path to the solution, the readyplace click tutorials explain in detail and in individual steps how to carry out the solution. The interactive tutorials use graphical and textual elements to clearly explain what needs to be done.

Areas of application include onboarding, process descriptions, ensuring reliability, knowledge transfer, documentation and service desk relief from simple to highly complex.

The following example of the interaction between USU and readyplace deals with the topic of “bank account transactions”: Depending on what the user wants to achieve, the chatbot guides the user to the solution, the readyplace click tutorial, by means of guided dialogs. With one click, the user can then open the tutorial, in which the procedure is explained step by step (in the example: creating a client in the accounting program). The user can then conveniently continue the dialog with the chatbot.


Increased employee satisfaction through efficient working
Interactive tutorials
Easily create and manage tutorials and make them available to users.
Users can quickly find answers to their questions, which increases productivity and acceptance of new processes
From now on, only answer each question once
Reduced time to value creation

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