Our Partner LG6 offers you 50 years´ worth of experience in software business
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LG6 was established in 2015 by seasoned Microsoft veterans, specialized in sales and licensing of complex software solutions.
Our team offers you 50 years’ worth of experience in the software business. We are a Microsoft SAM Gold Partner and we have the industry leading CSAM certification that ensures our customers will obtain the best advice possible.
Since its beginnings, LG6 is completely independent from software vendors to enable companies to receive objective and impartial licensing support.
Based on its experience and knowledge of the market, the LG6 team is recognized for its deep understanding of the software usage rights of major vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Adobe, etc. Our service involves founding the best strategies to ensure that our customers comply with the obligations and license rules prescribed by the various resellers.

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Phone: 514 400-0247
E-mail: info@lg6.ca