Data-Driven Service Solution Package “Buy”

With proven AI standards and turnkey solutions for mechanical-engineering companies

Overview of the Buy solution package

With the Buy solution package, you'll benefit from powerful standards and joint definition of your use case with USU data science experts.

  • A 1-year term – followed by a 6-month extension
  • Annual costs include: Standard platform, standard interfaces, service level agreement, AI algorithms

How you benefit

Extremely fast ramp-up thanks to the standard solution

Platform purchase as a service

In-house support only to define the use case

Data science body leasing for algorithm development

Option of switching to the Make solution package

Short-notice termination

Learn from the experts

  • “Out-of-the-box” vibration analysis for discovery purposes
  • Exclusively in the cloud
  • Max. 250 GB of storage*

* 2 CPUs not dedicated and 8 GB of RAM not dedicated

Add more use cases

Additions to the base package:

  • 5 CPUs dedicated
  • 30 GB of RAM dedicated

Add more data

Additional storage:

  • 1 TB

* 2 CPUs not dedicated and 8 GB of RAM not dedicated

Successfully develop data-driven services

Practical guide with important implementation tips for Industrie 4.0 services

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