Hybrid Cloud Cost Management & Resource Optimization

Always deploy the best-fitting, lowest-cost cloud infrastructure

Rein in costs and optimize your hybrid environment resources

Does controlling hybrid cloud costs pose a serious challenge? Get clear-cut visibility into your ever-changing hybrid environment and manage costs in the cloud and in your data center with our Hybrid Cloud Cost Management & Resource Optimization solution and its unrivaled functions.

Planning & Calculation of Resources and Costs

Efficiently plan and monitor your cloud resources (type, provisioning model) to meet your needs. Access price information for all your cloud resources and automatically integrate them into your IT service cost planning. Control your cloud costs by keeping an eye on your cloud resources right from the start.

Costing & Charging

Consolidate billing from your various cloud infrastructure providers and allocate cloud costs to cost centers, organizational units, projects, or services in line with usage. You can also incorporate your infrastructure costs from the data center. Gain full transparency that’s both intelligible and doesn’t call for manual intervention.

Cost Comparison with Budget Plans

Tap into this function to view and compare planned and current cloud costs. Take advantage of the dashboard to track and analyze how current expected costs are developing compared with the plan. And when a predefined budget limit is reached, you automatically get an alert.

Cost Optimization

According to Gartner, 30% of cloud resources go unused. Those are extra costs you could avoid right away. Track the use of all cloud infrastructure components in your hybrid cloud environment without intervening manually. This cost-cutting function also identifies unused cloud resources, so you can stop paying for them or find a better use for them. Improve planning for future contracts and architecture models and significantly reduce your costs with capacity forecasts and optimization recommendations for all your cloud resources.

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