Data Center & Building Infrastructure

Our IT Infrastructure Monitoring doesn’t stop with just addressing the classic ITIL® disciplines: Our solution also includes monitoring your entire data center infrastructure and building management systems.

Factors such as the temperature in a data center, power consumption, declining cooling-system performance, imminent overload of power rails, and UPS disruptions also impact your service’s availability. You can, for example, directly connect temperature sensors, network analyzers, and RCM devices to the ZIS system. As an alternative to direct data logging and evaluating status messages, the ZIS system can poll and retrieve data from upstream equipment such as building-management and central fire-alarm systems. And it goes without saying that it can trigger automatic responses such as alerts should a system exceed a threshold.

Our software solution can also link the information derived from infrastructure monitoring with service monitoring to provide a clear overview in central dashboards in real time.

USU IT Monitoring - Data Center Building Infrastructure

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