License Management (SmartTrack) Reduce costs and complexity of software and cloud licenses with our software license management tool

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Instantly know the licenses you need

Get the strategic software license management solution for managing your software costs and risks. USU Software Asset Management tracks every IT environment from on-premises to cloud, and covers all license types and software such as Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, IBM, VMware, Adobe, and AWS.

The software license management tool runs powerful analyses to calculate exactly the software licenses you need and ensure that your licensing is used legally. We handle all the complex calculations — so you don’t have to.

USU Software Asset Management - License Management

You'll benefit by

30 % savings in license costs

100 % ROI in first 6-12 months

300 % ROI in under 3 years

Top benefits of Software License Management

Cost reduction

Minimize what you spend on licenses, and maximize how you save

Automation you need

Instantly calculate the licenses you need for servers, virtual servers, and cloud

Compliance you trust

Get accurate analysis that shows how your usage matches your contracts

Audit response

Prepare ahead of audits so you can defend your contracts and usage

Cost avoidance

Keep an eye on finances for budget, maintenance, and support costs

Cost projections

See critical software history and trends to support your business decisions

Built for big IT and easy integration

For over two decades, USU Software Asset Management has optimized software and cloud licenses for large companies and Global Fortune 500s. Our software license management solution is built for enterprises with many employees and data centers that stretch globally, and it easily scales up (or down) in complex IT environments.

It’s important that your SAM solution operational immediately. That’s why we integrate directly with your tools and systems that are already in place, so the implementation and deployment are seamless and secure. For greater flexibility, our software license management solution can be hosted in the USU cloud or run on-premises in your data center.


Manage your licenses everywhere


Data centers are where the highest savings are possible, and the biggest audit pitfalls are hiding. SmartTrack controls the complexity and costs.


Identify virtual versus physical machines, map their relationships and topology, and simulate new configurations in a sandbox.


Closely watch your SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services, as the solution analyzes your cloud metrics and tracks every subscription.


Track on-premises software and cloud services together, while the solution evaluates your transition to the cloud.

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S/4HANA & Digital Access: Mastering the SAP® Licensing Challenge

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Every vendor does licensing differently. We handle them all.

All essential cloud services

Including: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Database, IBM PVU, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SQL Server

50+ built-in connectors

Including: Altiris, BDNA, BMC, HP, ILMT, Microsoft SCCM, ServiceNow, VMware, Adobe Creative Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform

The “big” software vendors

Including: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM, VMware, Adobe, Citrix, HP, CA, Autodesk, Symantec, Attachmate, Red Hat, Embarcadero

Integrated database for software recognition

207 K licensable products

1 M software & cloud services

4 K software & cloud vendors

ITAM Review’s Enterprise SAM License Management Certification

The leading industry analyst has independently certified that our solution meets the highest product standards and requirements for complex enterprise environments, highlighting our fast ROI, scalability, managed services and partnership approach.

ITAM Enterprise SAM

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