Optimization for Engineering Software

The key to optimizing and allocating license costs for your Engineering Software
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Management and analysis of your Engineering software licenses

Increasingly distributed IT infrastructures make it more and more difficult for companies to keep track of the engineering software they use, ensure license compliance for specific metrics, and optimize software expenditures. On one hand, this creates a growing number of license bottlenecks that restrict development and production. On the other, this also increases the costs for software licenses and updates that frequently aren’t even used.

In addition, license costs are often allocated rather inexactly because underlying data does not provide clear information.

Remedying this situation requires a strategic solution for analyzing and managing Engineering or floating software licenses.

Easy and central license management – thanks to USU Software Asset Management

USU Software Asset Management is a professional software solution that lets you monitor, manage, analyze, and optimize your license assets from a central location. This optimization will save you money in purchasing and maintaining licenses while at the same time ensuring that you have the license assets you actually need.

USU Software Asset Management makes administering your entire license assets easier. User-friendly clients that access a central so-called broker enable you to manage and analyze your licenses centrally from any workstation in your company. As a result, you can centrally monitor all licenses managed by systems such as FlexNet, IBM LUM, DSLS, LM-X or EPLAN (e.g. CATIA, Siemens NX, Teamcenter, Creo (Pro/ENGINEER), SolidWorks, AutoCAD, Inventor, Solid Edge, ANSYS, EPLAN).

Automated license management and monitoring saves you a lot of time and eliminates the need for additional administrative tasks. In addition, freely configurable views of all license activities make it possible to effectively monitor and administer all licenses of your company.

Optimization for Engineering Software

The key to optimizing and allocating your license costs

Monitoring Engineering license activity increases your company’s productivity

USU Software Asset Management provides you with a fast, simple, and detailed overview of your company’s entire license assets at all times. It permanently analyzes the usage data of your systems. Consequently, this helps you to ensure continuous and up-to-date monitoring of all license activities and shows you which licenses are currently in use, how many are still available and which access requests have been denied. This live monitoring puts you in a position to quickly identify bottlenecks, allowing you to develop timely responses and minimize the risk of expiring licenses.

Exact analyses for optimizing your Engineering license agreements

USU Software Asset Management continuously stores all analyzed data in a separate database. Thanks to its built-in analysis functions you can evaluate current or historic data at any time. You can check license utilization rates, peaks, and denials over any period of time and as a result can purchase licenses at optimized costs.

In addition, report profiles enable you to store analyses you need regularly and run them again at any time with current data.

Optimization of license assets in compliance with agreements

Reports on license use and utilization rates allow you to procure licenses in line with your actual license needs, prorate not fully utilized licenses among several organizational units, comply to agreements, and eliminate licenses you no longer need. Central monitoring of the license use furthermore makes license maintenance and the planning of impending license investments easier for you.

Your benefits at a Glance

Cost reduction by preventing excess capacities

Complying with terms of license agreements (proof of compliance)

Securing the required license assets

Early detection of problems & prevention of bottlenecks

Improvement of productivity in the company

Cost-efficient planning

Making expedient investments

More attractive contract conditions by company-wide pooling of license demand

Billing and allocation of software costs to individual organizational units on the basis of usage

Data analysis during live operation

Reduction of administration time with central license management

Automatic revocation of licenses in case of inactivity provided by the WatchDog functionality

Email notification about expiring licenses

Citrix support

ActiveDirectory synchronization

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