Aspera Announces Rebrand as USU, Affirms Commitment to Clients

Boston, January 28, 2021. As a Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions leader, Aspera customers save approximately $10 billion dollars annually in software license costs. After ten successful years as a subsidiary of USU, Aspera will now operate exclusively under the brand name USU. Aspera SAM solutions are now complemented by USU’s integrated solution portfolio, featuring innovative digital-first AI and cloud technologies.

USU holds over 40 years of experience worldwide with more than 10,000 customer projects. USU solutions help customers reduce costs and risks, automate services and ensure they are well equipped to master future challenges posed by digital transformation.

USU is the global leading software and service provider for IT and customer service solutions. Every day, more than two million users and several hundred million end customers rely on solutions from the USU Group for their digital IT and customer services. By merging its five independent divisions and subsidiaries into a single global brand, USU combines employee know-how, technology and partner expertise within a networked service ecosystem, creating an inspiring new digital service world.

“In the cloud era, customers have an increased need for services that offer a future-oriented IT infrastructure, new technologies and consistently digitalized processes. To meet these particular challenges, our comprehensive solution portfolio now facilitates smarter services, optimized workflows and improved collaboration,” explains Peter Stanjeck, Chief Product Officer of USU.

”We aim to share the concentrated power of USU with our customers, ensuring the best service experience. This is why we’ve pooled our knowledge, passion and best-of-breed technologies together under the USU brand. In addition to proven SAM solutions, our services now also include knowledge-based customer service applications,” says Mel Passarelli, CEO and President of USU in North America.

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